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A complete list of romance conventions and romance conferences in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, … If you’ve never been to an event for romance readers or writers, prepare for a wildly fun time!

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Happy New Year! A new chapter of Imitation & Alchemy

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Imitation & Alchemy - 3DHappy New Year, everyone! 

It’s been one of those weekends for me. Nice, but busy. Hence the delay in the next chapter of Imitation & Alchemy. Sometimes you need to post on your website, and other times you need to watch Lord of the Rings with your ten-year-old and put Legos together.

I hope you enjoy Chapter Seven! Things are definitely heating up in Italy, even if they’re pretty darn cold in California.

I’ll be posting on Tuesday about a fantastic new contemporary fantasy that’s available for pre-order now. I had the opportunity to read it over the holidays, and I can’t wait to tell you more about it.

From Chapter Seven…

“They can’t see us together,” he said. “Ruby, they’re from Naples.”

“Got it.”

With a quick flip, Ruby climbed up the wall, the tips of her fingers clinging to the bricks before she leapt on the two…

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Naughty or Nice? A Written Fireside Anthology – FREE READ!

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Lisa Fox Romance

15 Harper Impulse authors contributed to this FREE festive collection. Give yourself a sexy Chrtimas treat and get it right here: Naughty or Nice? A Written Fireside Anthology

naughty or nice

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