Anne Rice's Twisted Fairy Tale of Sleeping Beauty

About a year ago my neighbors daughter brought me a book she said I had to read or she would stalk me until I did. When I actually got around to them I realized I didn’t know the author. Hmm who was A.N. Roquelaure? I had no clue. God Save Google. So when I got the internet working for me it floored me who it was. Anne Rice. “Well darn”, I thought. I really was not into her series of vampires anymore. I really liked her up till The Tale of the Body Thief. I just couldn’t get in to them anymore, plus I was a little young from what I was reading.
Any who. I started reading these books and in a week or so, I was drooling from senses overload. My eyes were red and swollen from reading in bad light, my head hurt and my body was screaming for sleep and rest. I started to mumble to myself when I remember the scene and finally being finished with all three books. I was haggard and unkempt walking across the street in the middle of June in sweat pants and a tank top that said bad I am sure.


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