Perfection: Eternally Three by Kris Cook


Perfection: Eternally Three

by Kris Cook

(M/F/M – Menage Paranormal Erotic Romance Novel)

While searching for her missing brother, Micki Langley visits a nightclub with a notorious reputation as ménage a trios central and comes face-to-face with two amazing men straight from her fantasies.

Ancient jinn Jared endures heavy guilt and wants nothing to do with the human. Tripling is necessary to keep immortals alive, but his hunger for Micki is far beyond normal.

Though warrior angel Bradley completes their threesome, he despises Jared for his tainted reputation. He vows that the jinn won’t hurt the gorgeous human and has no problem fighting him to prove it.

But when the threesome comes together, it’s more than an energy exchange; it’s an unshakable bond that generates astounding power. Their enemies seek to destroy their perfect triad, which could unsettle the balance of power between angels and demons. Will the threesome be able to stand strong together—in trust and love—to defeat the relentless evil?



© Kris Cook – 2009



She needed perspective and fast.

Difficult when Jared continued his arousing caresses. Her legs felt weak. She wasn’t sure she could stand on her own after his expert handling. Her natural cautions gave way to deeper passions, burning as Jared hypnotized her with his fingers, moving up her thighs—closer, closer, closer…

Pounding with desire, Micki turned back to the blue-eyed soldier. Utter Adonis—able to charm or kill as need be.
Even at their current distance, his stare revealed unabashed desire. And a mouth-watering body.

Focus! “Jared, do you know anyone who might help me find Eric or David?”

He pointed at the soldier. Fire erupted deep inside her when she saw the man march toward them.

Micki turned back to Jared, whose palm caressed her legs—and very nearly between them. “You know him?”

He nodded.

The music changed tempo, speeding to overdrive, just like her heartbeat. Two more steps and the blond god would be next to them. Things sped faster and faster.


“I really need to find David now!” she said nearly shouting. “I can’t wait for him to return.”


Jared slipped a finger between her thighs, almost touching her there. Micki held her breath and tensed, waiting for what she shouldn’t want.

“He’s gone for the night.” the sexy blond stud stated as he stepped right beside her where he could see clearly each and every one of Jared’s touches. “He’ll be back tomorrow.”

His eyes blazed and his face filled with lust. Excitement wrapped itself around her, squeezing more liquid from her channel. 

“Oh.” She stared up at the new arrival “Do you know the number to his cell? Or his address?”

 “I don’t think David owns a cell, and he stays lots of places. I’m Bradley,” the soldier added, watching Jared’s every move with hot eyes.

She should be shocked at Bradley’s rapt attention to her and Jared. Instead, heat spread thorough her body like warm chocolate.

If Jared had a Harley waiting for him, Bradley had a Hummer or a tank, and a bed with silk sheets. Alluring in a different way than Jared, Bradley seemed deliberate, rather than moody. Battle ready, rather than road-hardened.

She spotted the tattoo on Bradley’s upper arm. Three interlocked triangles⎯an exact twin of Jared’s. She reached out to touch the tat on the soldier’s upper arm, but then pulled back. Heat burned up and down her spine.

“Don’t stop, sweetheart. Feel free to touch me any way you want.”

She didn’t. The thought of touching him scared and intrigued her.

Maybe these two worked together⎯like a seduction tag team—persuading women, night after night, to share their bed.

Bradley glared at Jared. From the contentious look between them, Micki realized they weren’t a seduction duo. Not even friends. Enemies? She couldn’t tell, but the vibe between them ran hostile. Did they pursue her separately or together?

Either way, Jared’s palm inched up her thigh again, sending shivers of delight through her body. She loved his touch. Bradley still watched with a rapt gaze. Would they fight? They looked capable of anything.

Her gut broiled like an oven on high. Her recent dreams of them aroused her, but as thrilling as exploring fantasies with them would be, that wasn’t why she’d come.

“How do you two know each other?” she asked.

Neither answered.

Standing beside her, Bradley’s body heat loomed on her shoulder. Jared’s hot stare sent her silent commands that incited cravings. Her body began to demand satisfaction. Heat rose from her skin, centered between her legs, melting her.

Then Bradley cupped her cheek, fingertips caressing her neck, while Jared nearly touched her intimately. Tingles erupted. Warm wetness soaked her panties.

“What’s your name, sweetheart?” Bradley asked.


Jared’s free hand slipped under her shirt and brushed across her bare back. Sensations ripped through her entire body. Combustion.  She shivered.

Bradley looked at her, his stare hot with suggestion. She wanted him to drink all of her up with his hot mouth, but she needed to focus.

“Do you know Eric Langley?” Micki asked Bradley.

Bradley cut a quick glance to Jared before looking her way again. “Yes. But I’m not sure if he’s here, either.”

Bradley knew Eric! “Thank God! Where is he? Is he safe?”

Another pause. “I don’t know.”

Jared and Bradley’s hesitation troubled her. She suspected they knew more than they’d told her. Plus, strange as it was, as her worry for Eric grew, so did her desire for these two men. Did the nice folks in white coats need to whisk her away?

Unease skittered through her. “If you don’t know, I can’t just sit here. I need to be looking for him.”

She should get up, resume her search, but Bradley’s piercing blue eyes zeroed in on her mouth.

She swallowed hard. Bring on the straight jacket.

“You look like you need to be kissed,” he murmured.

Heat flared inside her, but she tensed. When she glanced back at her biker, he showed no sign of rage—not even slight annoyance. Instead, he seemed revved up by Bradley’s suggestion.

Micki sucked in a shocked breath.

She could name a thousand reasons not to take Bradley’s dangled bait, but the moment crashed over her reserve. She could exit the ride later, before the big drop. Now, she burned to taste Bradley’s lips, revel in Jared’s touch. Feel their need and let them feel hers.

It’s only a kiss, right?

If Eric watched from the shadows, though she doubted he did, kissing Bradley might bring him out of hiding, either in full big-brother mode or thrilled that his prank had worked. If not, her best hope would be to soften against Bradley and Jared a little to learn what they really knew about her brother.

Slowly, she leaned forward, offering Bradley her mouth.


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