Mark of the Demon by Diana Rowland

motd_thumbMark of the Demon, Bantam Dell

Available at booksellers everywhere, June 23, 2009

ISBN: 978-0553592351


Mark of the Demon is the first published novel of Diana Rowland. I had won the novel from her blog with a little toilet humor. . After some post office and assistant difficulty I finally got the book last week.  I was pretty excited.  Here is a blurb:

When Homicide Detective Kara Gillian finds traces of arcane power on a body, she quickly realizes that this is no ordinary murder. The serial killer known as the Symbol Man is a nightmare that Beaulac, Louisiana thought had ended three years ago, but now he’s back for an encore and leaving every indication on the flesh of his victims that he is well-versed in demonic lore.

However, Kara is a Summoner of Demons, and may be the only cop on the city’s small force who can stop the killer. Able to see and interact with a world most people can’t, Kara must draw on her skills as a police officer and master of the arcane to stop the Symbol Man from killing again and possibly summoning something even she can’t control.

But with a demonic lord of unearthly beauty and power haunting her dreams, and a handsome yet disapproving FBI agent dogging her waking footsteps, she may be in way over her head….


I absolutely loved this book. I stayed up until dawn reading it. Diana Rowland has a very good grasp on what it takes to make a book hot, sexy, with a dose of fear. 

The Heroine, Kara, has had some tough times, fear of being found out she is a Summoner of Demons is just one of them.  When the appearance of Rhyzkahl, a hotter than hell sexy-ass Demon Lord, has proven to have ulterior motives. She sinks further away for mankind as a whole except for casual friends and her Aunt Tessa. I don’t blame her people are and can be very cruel.

There are some sad parts too. It’s not all sex, demons and guns.  I would have to say this book has a little bit for everyone; Sex for us voyeurs and demon-slaying for the gun-toting paranormal addicts and some suspense for the mystery lovers.  

We are never really sure who to believe in the book until the end. But even then I was still WTF! At 4 a.m. I thought it was my brain making stuff up. But yeah the ending of the book was a real surprise.  I can’t wait for the next one, Blood of the Demon. I have now added it to my buy now list.

 Diana Rowland’s Blog ; Diana’s Twitter ; Website


Help! Procrastination at its Best

Yes, I am a HUGE procrastinator.

I have been putting off my travel/Christmas have to list. And then I was reminded that I am having the Christmas Party again this year. YAY Mother-frickin me! I forgot again.  So I looked at our budget, looked at the Lottery, then looked at the budget again, and came to the conclusion that if I bought all those tickets I still may not win. So I have decided to have a green Christmas with the family and friends this year.  I am going through the house and finding things that people have had their eye’s on and then (if we can part with them) I thought to gift them (after a nice cleaning of course).  I have a friend that needs a phone. We have one in the basement that we bought and used for a month or two.  It was rather expensive so I really don”t want to send it off to the Goodwill.  So BAMM gift one. I used to be in to making jewelry and stuff. I have a bunch all made up already but never sold or wore (NOTE to self: GET THE HELL OUT OF THE HOUSE SOME TIMES!)

That is just the beginning. I have been meaning to get the reviews written for the site for the last two weeks. I have  been also meaning to get the Bookstore back on line.  I have read many many books but I can’t get myself to write anything.  *sigh* So if there is anyone out there who does this same procrastination thing and then decides you are too far behind and gives up, let me know how you get yourself through it.  I don’t want to give up or anything I just can’t get any motivation right now.


Just scream at me for all the reviews you want and be mean about it and I will certainly get my ass in gear.  LOL

My should-have-done-it&haven’t-because-I-want-to-be-lazy List

1. Review the books I have read in the past month.

2. Get the winner of the Jackie Kessler spot their book. Oh and Pick a winner.

3. Finish reading Mark of the Demon by Diana Rowland.  ( I won her book from her with a little toilet humor. yay me! *Princess clap*)

0024. List the two bookshelves of books on the bookstore site.

5. Finish the bookstore site.

6. Have a section just for ebook reviews and publishers content (newsletter updates).

7. Get an Assistant (unpaid of course) Fired Hubby made fun of my books one too many times.

8. Crack the whip on the current roster of reviewers. Need more reviews or reviewers.

9. Make Xmas gifts for the kids. Must find Bratz fuzzy fabric for Initial Pillows for Jasmine.

10. Must find Ben 10 stuff and GI Joe crack toys, for Colin.

11. Repack Lily’s toys from her birthday party, for Christmas. Grandparents always send to much.

12. Plan Lily’s birthday party. ( note to self: its on the 29th not the 30th.

13. Lilly with be 2 not 3.

14. eat and sleep

15. Schedule dentist appointment for hubby. Tell him its a strip club special appointment so he will go.

16. Win the Lottery.

17. Fix and win the Lottery.

Did I miss anything? Anybody?

I hope I made someone else’s day look a lot better than mine.

Be Naughty Ya’ll,


Diana Gabaldon Dinner

Diana Gabaldon Dinner with Bek

IMG_1494On Wednesday the 11/11/09 I (Bek) was fortunate enough to go to a dinner where Diana Gabaldon was the guest speaker.  For once, I made it to the place with no wrong turns and no two km walk back to my car.  I was really surprised, when I got there, about the median age of other fans.  Other than my friend and myself, I think there were only two others around our age.  The rest were quite a lot older.  For some reason, I thought there would be a lot of younger people there.  Our table was at the front and right next to Diana’s table.  In the seat I sat in, she was in my direct line of site so I spent most of the time she was seated, trying not to stare.  The food was delicious and I would definitely recommend Georges to people who live in or near Camberwell.  Georges is in Melbourne, Australia. lol

Diana’s talk was funny. She described her husband, who strangely enough has many resemblances to Jamie.  She indicated that there is at least one more book but that seeing as it took her 2- 3 to cover the 6 month war, there could be quite a few more. Diana won’t know until about the 2 year mark into writing the next book about how many more.  I took my HC, Outlandish Companion, to the signing (as I’m waiting for the American HC for Echo in the Bone to reach my doorstep.)  I spent the last ½ hour it the line up explaining to others that I had purchased the book from the States.  My friend was beside me and both of us were telling all these women to go to the websites of “The Book Depository” and “The Poison Pen” to be able to purchase that edition.  When it was my time to get my book signed, Diana seemed very gracious.  She saw the cover of my book and said that it was her favourite one.  I mentioned that all the people in the queue around me were in book envy but that I was letting them all know where to get it.  We had a good night.

Doomsday Can Wait by Lori Handeland

031294716XDoomsday Can Wait

a Phoenix Chronicles Novel by Lori Handeland
Available May, 2009 from St. Martin’s Press
ISBN-13: 978-0312947163

Life craves balance.  Good verses Evil.  Easy enough to understand. In Lori Handeland’s Doomsday Can Wait she puts this simple saying to the test.  Liz Phoenix is all that stands between mankind and Doomsday, Armageddon, however you spell it… the end of times are here!

After her foster mother Ruth was murdered by dark forces set to bring the oncoming Doomsday,  appointed Liz to be the next Leader of the Federation,  Leader of Light by gifting her own powers.  Through Ruth’s touch Liz became a seer with the ability to see all sorts of magical mythical beasts and spirits.

The Federation is a collective of seers and demon killers known as DK whose sole mission is to rid the world of these evil forces.  The evil forces have to kill the leader of light to start the Doomsday clock in motion.  This is nothing new to Liz having battled evil before in the first novel “Any Given Doomsday”, but now her troops are at critical mass and those that did manage to survive are in hiding.  She is for to rely upon her on two DK’s, one being her ex-boyfriend and the other being a fairy that he chose over Liz! Ouch!

Now Liz is marked for death by a power so evil that she has to rely not only on her two DKs but also help from a figure from her past that she would rather leave there.  Sawyer is the only one who knows the dark force she must face and destroy, but Sawyer has his own agenda and Liz is uncertain whether she can fully trust him.

This story is a rip roaring action fest full from mythos from several cultures and intertwined with Biblical prophecies.  Handeland weaves mythological monsters into the modern tapestry with true artistry!  I fully admit to having a passion for mythology, but even if you don’t Doomsday Can Wait is an action pack, fast paced story that keeps you hooked til the end.  It contains well created characters and just enough humor and sarcasm to balance the severity of the situation of the end of the world.

This is the second in the Phoenix series and it is good as a stand alone book, but I highly recommend reading the previous book Any Given Doomsday as well.  Lori Handeland has a wicked sense of humor and makes the characters and action jump off the page!

Well, I don’t know about you, but I am always thrilled to read about a take charge kickass kind of girl so I’m off to buy the third in the series Phoenix Series, “Apocalypse Happens” which was released on November 3rd.

If writing is art and reading is escape……Does that make me an escape artist?

Update: I found the books…Tawny Taylor

9781419914119Tawny Taylor’s Carnal Hunger



Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing

Book 2 in the Twilight’s Possession series.

Jasmyne Vaughn’s search for her drug-addicted mother—and the package she stole —was a nightmare in more ways than one. Jasmyn’s plans had not included being kidnapped by two powerful vampires driven by the Hunger and the primal, carnal need to sate the blood-bond between themselves and a mortal woman.

Sons of the Twilight Asher and Draven have their own problems. Asher is desperate to reclaim what’s been taken from him. And Draven has learned his conflicting loyalties are going to cost a number of people a dear price. But the desperate effects of the Hunger have driven them both to near death—until Jasmyne completes their bond. Propelled by honor, duty and love, the three spend their nights searching for Jasmyne’s mother and the ancient Greek relic she’s stolen. And days sating their unrelenting carnal need for each other.
Two men, one woman—and a driving sexual hunger that none can resist—in a race against time to save the innocent…or destroy themselves.

Reader Advisory: While Carnal Hunger can be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel, readers may enjoy it more having read the earlier story.
Book contains some scenes of male-male sex.

There were actually two books I was looking for.


Dark Master by Tawny Taylor

Aphrodisia (Kensington books)

its no longer on its website to purchase but you can get it on Amazon of course.  I have it on Kindle and I love this story. Its not your run of the mill love story. I like it because its naughty and sexy on a primeval level. It satisfies my need to have that “me Tarzan-you Jane” feel.  Then again I am sick and twisted enough to try all that D/s.  At least just once.



Completely broke, Regan Roslund is stuck selling bondage gear to a kinky clientele in order to pay her bills. She has no interest in her salacious merchandise until she feels a leather choker tight against her neck–and gets a glimpse of the muscular, model-gorgeous man who holds her captive. Suddenly, temptation ignites…


Newly crowned king of the undead, Shadow Sorenson knows he can protect himself by taking a wife. He hopes Regan, with her new-found curiosity, will be unable to resist obeying even his most deviant demand. But Shadow would prefer she surrender willingly. For thirty nights, he’ll show Regan what it’s like to lose control as he explores every inch of her naked flesh, leaving her hungry for release–and moaning in anticipation of an ecstasy she never knew existed…

Warning! This is a REALLY HOT book (Sexually Explicit)

Tawny Taylor’s Website

Trying to find these books

Okay ladies and guys,


I am trying to remember a series of books the first book that I can remember is about these two vampires that kidnap a woman at an airport. They do this because one of them is in this mating heat/ feeding cycle time or something like that. Anyways, the girl is part of a bigger picture. He mom joins a cult and had stolen a package from her daughter and the vampires were looking for it. Anyways these vampires are Bisexual and they keep this woman for I think two weeks. Everybody has lots of sex and a HEA.


I think this is a totally different series but this guy kidnaps this woman in her bookstore (I think) marries her in the parking lot and takes her to his home or castle. He is in to the Bondage submission thing also.  She has the option of divorcing him but it leaves him with less power. After numerous attempts at killing her and him he makes her leave and she goes. But did I forget to mention he is a vampire or the King of the vampires. I really liked these books but I read them about a year ago. I think they were ebooks and were prolly lost on the old computer. I want to get those again but I didn’t have a print out of what I had bought when. Anybody have any ideas?

5 Minutes with Jackie Kessler

jackie_photo“5 Minutes with…” is a section of the blog that is a a set of questions that are pretty much the same give or take a few. That are meant for us to get to know our favorite authors a little bit more. Some are funny, some have nothing to do with their books; while others hopefully get to the “nitty-gritty” of what the author is thinking. And as with all of our 5 minutes we have a contest to honor our writers. Stay tuned at the end to find out how to enter. Now let’s give a Naughty Chick welcome to Jackie Kessler. And as always there is a free book giveaway at the end of this interview.

What project are you currently working on? (C’mon, give us a hint!)

About to start a sizzling paranormal romance for a charity anthology. Hint: It will be a Hell-related story about Angel.

What is your favorite snack?

Will electronic readers ever take the place of the humble paperback?
Not completely – and if I’m wrong, then not right away.

If you could be one of your characters – Who would you be?  And why?
None of them. I know the bad stuff that will happen to them – do you think I’d wish that on myself???

Who or what influences you when you write?
Neil Gaiman is my biggest influence. I have a personalized, signed ENDLESS poster that’s framed and hanging up in my office.

When you have writer’s block how do you break free?
For me, writers’ block means I’ve taken the story down a wrong turn. So I have to first figure out where things went wrong and start that section again. Sort of annoying. But hey, when characters hold the book hostage, you have to learn to negotiate.

Who is your perfect hero?  And why?
Harry Dresden. Because he’s Harry Dresden. I even have the button that proclaims “Harry Dresden Is My Hero.”

Is there a genre of book you would like to write but haven’t yet?
Hmm. One day, I’d like to write a straightforward YA novel without any hint of the paranormal, or magical realism. But the magic keeps slipping in.

What kind of research do you do for your books?  Do you enjoy the research process?
I read a lot. And when I need to get quick information, Google is definitely my friend. The big problem with doing research is it can be very distracting. I start by looking up one thing; two hours later, I have tons of information that will basically translate into two sentences in the finished book. But it’s worth it.

What is your favorite movie of all time?  The one where you can watch it and still get affected at the same spots each and every time?
I don’t have a favorite, sorry! But one of my current favorites is DOGMA (even though it’s not a new movie). Mmm. Matt Damon!

What is your favorite way to relax after a hard day working and writing?
Watching the previous night’s DAILY SHOW with my Loving Husband.

What is the one era you would love to go visit and why?
Nope. Not time traveling. Dude, haven’t you heard of paradox???

Have you ever faked sick?
Faked being sick? **cough cough** What do you mean?

Do you believe in love at first sight?
Absolutely. That happened the first time I met my husband. Seriously.

What is your perfect pizza?
Currently, cheeseless. (Darn these pseudo-vegan tendencies!)

If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
JK Rowling.

Out of all your books, do you have a favorite one?  If not, then which one is closest to.
Ooh, tough one! My favorites are HUNGER (coming out next fall!!!), HOTTER THAN HELL (out now!!!) and a book that’s currently on submission (fingers crossed!!!)

What character out of all your books is the closest to your personality?
There’s definitely a lot of me in Jezebel. I like to joke that if I were a demon, and she were Jewish, we’d be the same person. (Of course, I’d be lying. But hey – demons lie.)

Have you ever been nervous over reader reaction when a new book comes out?
Ever? Goodness, when am I **not** nervous about reader reaction?

How much does reader response mean to you over your books?
When I get mail from readers telling me that they enjoy my books, the day gets a little brighter, and the angels sing a little louder. And when I get hate mail, my sense of humor expands.

What do you hope readers get from your books after they read them?
For most of my books: if the readers were entertained and want to come back for more stories, I’m thrilled. (For HUNGER, which is an issue novel, I hope the reaction will be a little stronger. But I have almost a whole year to be nervous about that.)

If you could make a movie of any one of your books which one would you choose and who would you cast at the h/h?
HELL’S BELLES, totally. Would be **tons** of fun. I always thought Christina Ricci would be a phenomenal Jezebel. Daun could be pretty much any handsome actor. And the actor who plays Hoyt on True Blood would be the perfect Paul. Just give him a bit of a Boston accent—you know, a touch of Matt Damon. (I just changed my mind: Matt Damon would be the perfect Daun.)

Who is your favorite author?
Neil Gaiman.

What is the weirdest thing a reviewer has ever said about one of your books?
I choose to take the fifth in case the reviewer is reading this interview.

What is the nicest thing a reviewer has ever said about one of your books?
One reviewer compared my work to Neil Gaiman’s. **faints**

Do you have a bucket list? If so, what are 2 things on it?
Nope. I’m gonna live forever.

What is your favorite color besides YELLOW?
Don’t have a favorite. But I’m partial to royal blue, red, hunter green, and black.

Boxers or briefs?
Commando. 😉

Red Pill or Blue Pill?
The one that means I don’t have to hang out with Neo. (Loved THE MATRIX. Hated the other two.)

Thank you Jackie for spending some time here at NE.Com. The first time I met Jackie I had no clue who she was and it was my first RT convention ( RT Pittsburgh).  I came up on her and Richelle Mead putting out their promo alley items and I was like “OOo and author! (squee with delight)  I have a picture somewhere in this mass of crap I call a computer.  I will post it if I find it. *sigh* I miss being young. You knew where everything was. Again thanks for letting us interview you and we will be waiting for the new book to hit the shelves. 

Where you can catch Jackie:



Social sites:

Jackie’s MySpace page
Jackie’s Facebook page
Jackie’s Publishers Marketplace page
Jackie’s Twitter page


Hunger* (Harcourt Graphia), fall 2010 paperbackShades of Gray** (Bantam Spectra, July 2010 ­ trade paperback)The Road to Hell (Kensington/Zebra Books, November 2009 ­ mass-market reissue)

Black and White** (Bantam Spectra, June 2009 ­ trade paperback)

“A Hell of a Time,” Eternal Lover (Kensington Publishing Corp., April 2009 ­ mass-market reissue)

“Hell Is Where The Heart Is,” A Red Hot Valentine’s Day (Avon Red, January

“When Hell Comes Calling,” Lilith Unbound (Popcorn Press, September 2008)

Hell’s Belles (Kensington/Zebra Books, September 2008 – mass-market reissue)

Hotter Than Hell (Kensington/Zebra Books, August 2008 – trade paperback)

“A Hell of a Time,” Eternal Lover (Kensington Publishing Corp., April 2008)

The Road to Hell (Kensington/Zebra Books, November 2007 – trade paperback)

“Red,” Realms of Fantasy (April 2007)

“To the Core,” Dreams & Desires Vol. 1 (Freya’s Bower, February 2007)

Hell’s Belles (Kensington/Zebra Books, January 2007 – trade paperback)

“Why Monsters Don’t Do Group Therapy,” From the Asylum (December 2006)

“The Ties That Bind,”*** Farthing (Spring 2006)

“Giving the Devil His To-Do’s,” From the Asylum (December 2005)

“Reflections,”**** Ruthie’s Club (November 2005)

“Hunger,” Byzarium (September 2005)

“The Compromise,” Wild Child Publishing (August 2005)
“Guilty Pleasures,” Allegory – formerly Peridot Books (Winter 2005)


This weeks contest is for The Road to Hell

road_200The Road to Hell
Kensington/Zebra Books
November 2007 (trade paperback)
November 2009 (mass market reissue)

Hell on Earth, Book 2

Jesse may no longer be a succubus, but she’s got a Hell of a past. She wants to come clean about her infernal history with Paul Hamilton, her white-knight-in-training lover, except he’d never believe her. Just like some people are worth being (shudder) monogamous for, some secrets are worth keeping. So Jesse keeps mum—until three of her former associates strong-arm her into returning to the Pit. Now, unless Jesse faces off against the King of Hell, she’ll lose Paul’s immortal soul. If she’d known love was this tough, she never would have turned her back on Lust…


First, spread the word and second, comment. But I will tell you, A:  We ask that comments be respectful and not hateful.  B:  And absolutely no spamming your own stuff on someone else’s post. I hate that and you would too if it was your post.  If you want to have some time with us on a post or a guest blog contact us via email not on a post.  Contest Ends November 14th at 11:59pm EST. Now there are two ways to enter in to the contest:

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As with all our 5 Minute spots, they run for a week this contest will end November 14th at 11:59 EST. A winner will be picked then and emailed accordingly. Good Luck!

Sierra Cartwright's Hawkeye Series


Sierra Cartwright’s Hawkeye One: Danger Zone

 Series: Hawkeye; Next Book: Bend Me Over
Genre: BDSM LGBT Ménage
Length: Novel

Who’s watching you…?

The highly specialized Hawkeye team protects the world’s most valuable things, secrets, even people. But now one of their own needs protecting. There’s a cool million dollar bounty on Dom Wolf Stone’s head. Trouble is, Stone’s a loner and doesn’t want the help.

That doesn’t stop his submissive and former lover, Nate Davidson, or another determined agent, Kayla Fagan, from showing up at his Colorado ranch, uninvited. The spark, the anger, the hurt is still there between Wolf and Nate, and their first kiss reignites the flames that time and distance have not diminished. With Nate’s help, Wolf uncovers Kayla’s unexplored submissive tendencies. Under the Dom’s unyielding instruction, Kayla explores her sexuality in ways that make her dizzy.

For Wolf, there’s nothing better than having two very different, very willing, very pleasing subs at his command. But Kayla and Nate both want more. In addition to his love, they want him to give up control long enough to share his life completely. And that’s the one thing Wolf is incapable of giving.


Sierra Cartwright’s Hawkeye Two: Bend Me Over

 Series: Hawkeye; Previous Book: Danger Zone
Genre: BDSM Multicultural
Length: Novel

Tall, dark, handsome, and oh-so dangerous.

That’s Trace Romero, Aimee’s new bodyguard. Aimee has no desire to share her home with anyone, especially a Hawkeye operative who invades her space and thoroughly dominates her.

If it were up to him, Trace would be in a South American jungle, mixing it up with bad guys instead of playing bodyguard to the uptight college professor who makes him anything but welcome. But when he finds a stash of her BDSM novels, protecting the professor’s body suddenly gets more interesting.

Aimee would send him on his way, if her sister weren’t so concerned about the break in at her house, and if she hadn’t threatened protective custody. But protective custody might have been slightly less overwhelming than Trace demanding her complete capitulation, mind and body, and more — her total trust. But that trust may be the only thing standing between her and a madman determined to kill her.


I Loved this bookBend Me Over was so hot I had to change clothes three times. I am going to go back and get the first one. Thanks Sierra for creating a spanking hot masterpiece.

The Diaries of Avalon Rose: First Blush by Sharon Hooper

avalonroseThe Diaries of Avalon Rose: First Blush

Paperback: 192 pages

Publisher: Naughty Little Books (July 25, 2009)

by Sharon Hooper

While her services as a Victorian domestic at Highgate include servicing her employers, Avalon avoids a forbidden love by leaving Highgate for an inherited country cottage where she finds a shocking collection of diaries and journals passed down from her mother and her mother’s family.

I enjoyed this little naughty book. It was sexy and exciting without all the naughty little words that I normally read. It was a quick read too just over 200 pages. And it has pictures. Not “those” kind of pictures, get your minds out of the gutter. Geez!  Just pencil and ink pictures that depict a very Victorian home and servents and dinner parties, where people loose there clothes…It has a very Victorian theme with all of the pent up sexual frustration and release you can read.

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