Hot Mess –part one (Viginette) by Stephanie Jaxon

She sat at her desk in deadly silence as the one man she never wanted to see again sat on the other side preening is all his arrogance.  


After five long years Michael Dante sat in front of her as her nemesis not a lover. He was trying to take her over again, but this time through grandfather’s company. She was the head computer programmer for SAS Inc. a company founded on a handshake and hard work. 

He wore a smug look on his face. He knew that she had no choice in the matter before her. It was check mate, after all these years of waiting and planning. She would pay for her betrayal and he would relish in it.

“Miranda what’s it to be, me or the unemployment line?”

“Why have you done this to me? To our company? I have worked too damn hard to get here and get this company out of the gutter. You can just come in here like you own it”. If words had venom he would be dead.

“Is this about us? WE never were meant to be, why can’t you see that? I left because I got tired of you and your deviant ways. I wanted to be normal. I needed to be normal and have a normal life.  Taking your hatred of me this far is ridiculous. Do you know how many employees this company has?”

“Save your speeches I am not here for them. I either save your company by not calling in my debt and get you in my bed for 30 days of complete obedience; or I call in my debt  this company of your family’s goes under hundreds of people are unemployed and you keep your righteous dignity.  You have until closing and I will be back here in your office for your answer. And you can’t tell anyone.”

As he left through the doorway and vase of flowers went crashing into the wall next to him.

Yeah, he thought, I really didn’t miss that temper. It was going to be a good challenge to get her surrender to him.  He laughed all the way out.  


Miranda walks over to a picture on a bookshelf in her office. The same ice blue eye that were just in here, looked back at her in the picture the only difference they were on a 4 year old little girl whom was her reason for living.

Does he know? I was so careful. Lacey ,baby, mommy will figure this out.

What the hell am I going to do? I never told him the truth and this is…a nightmare.


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