Maggie's Menage by Lacey Thorn

Maggie’s Menage

by Lacey Thorn


Maggie had spent a lifetime trying to win the love and affection of her father, but nothing seemed to work. Now he was asking her to seduce and marry one of two men that he had selected for her…for the good of the family name and company. But Maggie has other plans. Plans that will leave both men thinking of her as something other than a wife, and leave her father’s plans for marriage in ashes.

Alex and Patrick were there to investigate Dom Houston and through the carelessness of his assistant managed to get in to see the man himself. But it was the blonde haired beauty that commanded their attention from the get go. And when she arrived at their hotel room later in the day, neither was willing to walk away. If Maggie wanted a ménage then they were more than willing to give it to her.

But for two of them it would be more than they could have ever imagined.

For a short story this was very very WOW. It has two sex scenes that are blistering hot. Each oozed sexiness and sensuality. Hands touching sweat glistening and lips moaning OH MY!
So I established that the sex was great, now the story; which was okay. It had some plot issues and not a lot of build up and ended rather abruptly. I would have prefered a little more interaction with the vilian, her father and these mysterious two men.

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