Getaway Girl by Lisabet Sarai

Getaway Girl

By Lisabet Sarai

ISBN# 978-1-907010-27-9

Reviewed by Nancy



All that Peg wants is a break, a bit of adventure, a relief from her mundane existence in the bucolic but     boring Yorkshire hamlet of Kirkby Malzeard. When dashing, sophisticated journalist Lionel Hayes saunters into the pub where she’s tending bar, Peg suspects that he was just the sort of man to fulfill her fantasies of escape. The seductive Lionel, however, is not what he seems. Before she knows it, Peg is a hostage, roped and gagged, speeding away from the scene of a daring crime. Lionel is armed and dangerous, but somehow Peg still wants him—regardless of the consequences.

This is an interesting story, but less than I was hoping for. The suspense would have been much more effective had Ms. Sarai stretched it out a bit more. I enjoyed the story, and found the characters realistic and engaging. Peg wants more than here life is providing, but I did find it a stretch that she would completely forget about her younger sister for however long it was. I did like the solution Peg came up with to keep Lionel from taking the fall for the crime and helping Lionel get his house in order, so to speak. I would say this is for those readers who want a short, hot read, one that satisfies quickly.


One thought on “Getaway Girl by Lisabet Sarai

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  1. Hello, Nancy,

    Thank you for taking the time to review Getaway Girl. The reason that it is so short is that originally it was part of an anthology, so it had a word count limit. I’d have loved to stretch it out a bit!


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