Slacking me…yeah I am.

Hello again Naughty Chicks and Devious Dudes,

I come to you humbled and broken. I have a bad case of carpal tunnel on my dominant wrist. Yes I am an invalid for at least a month. So please bare with me while I re-arrange the schedule to accommodate my slowness at typing. What is going to change you ask. Well I am going to put out an update on the blog once ever two weeks. The contests winners will be posted there and freebie books and swag will be posted there.

Also, interviews will be once a week now  and giveaways posted once a week put all will be ending at the end of the month. The birthday book giveaway is going away, not to many people were interested in that and reviews will be posted up once a day of various books I have read. I am still working on a rating system but its not really perfected right now but its getting there.

Brand new pages listing is the Reader Conference page its an ongoing listing of the conventions and cool author stuff going on for us readers, check it out. If you know of some not there email me and I will update it. Ya’ll know my email address its rayna (at)

So to recap, no more birthday book; once a week interviews; all giveaways will end at the end of the month they are in, regardless when they started; new rating system is still in the works; and new page of readers conferences. So thanks again for baring with me.

BTW I need a right hand woman or man, that can take over in the event that I am incapacitated. Nope its not paid but you will get the prestige of being an admin of a blog. Must have some blogging experience and love to read books. (international is okay as long as the language is the same and can read eBooks instead of the actual book, cheaper to send eBooks.) Email me at the above email address.


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