Newsletter updates and contest winners

It’s April and spring time! And you know what that means. Bunnies and people are getting it on everywhere; The TV Show “V” Returns to CBS and the Romantic Times Convention is this month. Naughtiness runs amuck, I love spring time.  This year Naughty Editions is hosting a party at RT and its celebrating its 2nd anniversary and it’s also my UN-birthday celebration. So we are doing it up right with everything CHOCOLATE. Chocolate cake, Chocolate martinis, Mudslides, chocolate, Chocolate, CHOCOLATE. See a pattern here? Free food and Booze can’t beat that. Plus the first Twenty Five people get an awesome gift bag. And we have other prizes too. So look for our Naughty Chick Logo on the Promo Tables and grab an invitation to decadence and naughtiness. Hope to see you soon.

 Contest Winners

Save Amanda Feral Contest Winners

Rachel RN for the second prize of  an Amazon the Gift Card for $10.00

Sharli for the first prize of all three books of Mark Henry’s

Ecstasy Unveiled Winner

Lura with Post #1

JR Ward Covet Contest winner

Mariska Post #4

Thank you all for entering. Don’t forget to sign up with our newsletter never be out of a prize again. The newsletters go out once a month. The winners have 2 weeks to claim their prize. If the prize is not claimed it then goes into “THE LOST AND FOUND”. The lost and found is a collection of unclaimed prizes. Once every six months or so I will unload all these wonderful gifts on to one deserving soul (well one very social and vocal person, having a soul is optional). So check back frequently.

Upcoming Events this Month in April

5 Minutes with…

  • 4/6 JM Griffin**updated
  • 4/9 Penelope  Marzec
  • 4/12 Tony Paul de Vissage
  • 4/16 Catherine Anne Collins
  • 4/19 Greg Ballan
  • 4/23 Michele Picard
  • 4/26 Maureen Fischer

@Romantic Times Convention in Columbus Ohio_(Wish list of Interviews w/???)

  • 4/27 Brenda Gayle
  • 4/28 Steven Shrewsbury

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