5 Minutes with Penelope Marzec


Penelope Marzec started reading romances at a young age even though her mother told her they would ruin her mind, which they did. She became hopelessly hooked on happy endings. She is a member of the New Jersey Romance Writers, the Liberty States Writers Fiction Writers and EPIC. Winning the EPPIE award twice for inspirational fiction, she was a finalist as well with The Keeper’s Promise. Her paranormal, Irons In The Fire, was a nominee for a Romantic Times Reviewers Choice award.

5 Minutes with Penelope Marzec

Rayna: What project are you currently working on?  (C’mon, give us a hint!)

I finished and recently signed a contract for The Fiend of White Buck Hall.  It will be released sometime this year.  The story is set in 1897.  The heroine, Molly, is a wanted fugitive.  When she reads a newspaper ad for a secretary, she goes to the sleepy little town of Stony Mill, New Jersey.  Ignoring the innkeeper’s warning, she walks in the woods toward White Buck Hall and meets the white buck–an albino stag–and her life is forever changed.

Rayna: I have heard from numerous authors that chocolate is the staple of their diet.  Is it in yours?

I love dark chocolate, but it is not a staple of my diet—though I would never refuse it.  :^)  However, there is more yogurt consumed in my house than chocolate.  My favorite flavor of yogurt is cherry, but I have a passion for vanilla, too.  I rarely eat ice cream.  I feel perfectly virtuous indulging in yogurt everyday.  Creamy and sweet, I can enjoy a container of it in a short amount of time and get right back to typing my manuscript—while still thinking of that delicious cherry or soft, smooth vanilla flavor.  With the tingly, tasty memories of that delightful treat still lingering on my tongue, I might head directly into a kissing scene when I return to the keyboard.

Rayna: Will electronic readers ever take the place of the humble paperback?

I believe that electronic readers will rapidly gain greater acceptance as more people discover the advantages of these wonderful gadgets.  However, I do not think that books will ever become obsolete.  There will always be those who prefer to turn paper pages.  The hardcover book did not disappear with the advent of the paperback and I do not think the paperback will vanish either.

It’s all about choice, price, and availability.

Rayna: If you could be one of your characters – Who would you be?  And why?

I would be Jennifer Brant from The Company You Keep.  She is strong, fiercely independent, but loyal to her friends and family.  A terrific cook, she appears to have boundless energy.  She plays the organ quite well, too.

Most of all, I envy her wonderfully thick hair.  I always longed for a head crowned with lush, full locks—but alas, those genes went to my sisters.  :^(

Still with all Jennifer’s attributes, it is no wonder Nathan is completely smitten with her!

Rayna: Who is your perfect hero?  And why?

My husband is my perfect hero.  I dedicated The Company You Keep to him.  He can’t cook and his housekeeping abilities leave a lot to be desired, but when times are tough his true strengths shine through.

Rayna: What do you do for inspiration?

I travel for inspiration.  It doesn’t have to be far away, just someplace I have not visited previously and one with some historical background.  The idea for The Company You Keep started with a visit to a small, local historical museum.  The museum, a house built in the mid-1700s, had a resident ghost—of course. The house was named after the green sand marl that was used as a fertilizer before the advent of chemical fertilizers.

Sometime after that visit, I went walking in a nearby park, but decided to stray off the marked trail and follow a footpath deeper into the woods.  There I found a simple wooden bridge over a rusty-colored brook. In my mind, it became Jennifer’s bridge and the setting for The Company You Keep was born.

Rayna:  If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 5 things would you have with you?  *mind you, you do have a strong hunky man to help you with things* *grins*

The first item necessary on my deserted island would be a big pot to cook up whatever meat or fish my strong, hunky man brings to me.  I’m sure he will have, or can fashion, all the required tools for building a shelter and getting our dinner.  A couple can’t live on love alone.  There will be more than passion simmering on that island.  A fragrant stew will be bubbling in the pot because I’ve learned that a hungry man is a grouchy one.

The second truly necessary item would be sheets and pillows.  I’m not sleeping on sand, it’s too gritty.  With enough feathers, which my hunky man will supply me with, I’m sure I can fashion a cushiony mattress.

The third thing I would need would be plenty of insect repellent.  I have been camping many times and I do not like bugs—so if I’m stuck out on a deserted island, I do not want to have to deal with creepy crawly things—unless this deserted island has also been deserted by insects.  Then it would be ideal.  However, having been on innumerable camping trips, I doubt the existence of an insect-free island.

The fourth necessary item would be a trusty writing instrument.  A pencil would do, but a fine gel pen would be terrific as long as it did not run out of ink.  Maybe I should have a whole set of gel pens.

The fifth requirement would be a journal in which I can write about my experience.  After my return to civilization, I would publish the journal.  It would become a bestseller overnight allowing me to develop my deserted island into a fine resort for authors with writers’ block.  For an exorbitant price, I’ll give every writer that visits my lovely isle a journal, a gel pen, lots of insect repellent, and a big pot, along with some clean, soft linens.  They can bring their own strong, hunky man with them, but there will be no internet, no television or radio to distract anyone.  There will be a big library on the island and hunting courses will be provided for the strong, hunky men who are deficient in the essential skills necessary for putting meat on the table.

Rayna:  What is the one era you would love to go visit and why?

I would love to go back and visit the Victorian Era.  I doubt that I would enjoy wearing a corset, but I think it would be fascinating to witness the strict manners of the era in practice.  Perhaps a few carriage rides would be a lovely diversion though I wouldn’t want to stay too long in that century.  I would suffer from internet withdrawal within a few hours.

Rayna: Do you believe in love at first sight?

Of course!  Doesn’t everybody?

Rayna: Have you ever been nervous over reader reaction when a new book comes out?

I was very, very nervous when my first book came out, but it got plenty of great reviews and went on to win the EPPIE Award.  I’ve learned not to waste time worrying!  Now I concentrate on writing the best book I can.  I won’t always make every reader happy, but if I agonize over every word I put down on paper, I’ll never finish the book.

Rayna: What do you hope readers get from your books after they read them?

I hope readers come away from my books firmly convinced that love conquers all.

I want to thank Penelope for taking the time out to answers some questions for me and I wish her all the luck on her new releases.

For a list of her newest releases go to her website.

Award-Winning Romance Author
Announces Her Latest Releases!

from New Concept Publishing

The Fiend of White Buck Hall

They say Thomas Hillyer, a wizard, is in league with the Devil and that the white buck roaming his estate hypnotizes people and steals their souls. Molly is a fugitive, wanted for a crime she did not commit. Seeing a want ad for a secretary in a sleepy town, she sets off for White Buck Hall but ignores the warning about the albino stag who lurks in the woods. When she meets him on the forest path, her life is forever changed.

The Complete List of Penelope Marzec’s Published Books

Print this list and take it with you when you go to a bookstore. The ISBN numbers are really important! :^)

Sea Of Hope ~ EPPIE AWARD 2002
Christian Inspirational Romance
Published by Awe-Struck Publishing
Available in Print ~ ISBN: 1-58749-165-6
Digital Edition ~ ISBN: 1-58749-044-7
Order at your favorite bookstore or online!

Heaven’s Blue ~ EPPIE AWARD 2005
Christian Inspirational Romance
Published by Awe-Struck Publishing
Available in Print ~ ISBN: 1-58749-446-9
Digital Edition ~ ISBN: 1-58749-445-0
Order at your favorite bookstore or online!

A Rush of Light
Christian Inspirational Romance
Published by Awe-Struck Publishing
Available in Print ~ ISBN: 1-58749-564-3
Digital Edition ~ ISBN: 1-58749-538-4
Order at your favorite bookstore or online!

The Keeper’s Promise ~ EPPIE Finalist 2009
Christian Inspirational Romance
Published by Awe-Struck Publishing
Available in Print ~ ISBN: 978-1-58749-674-5
Digital Edition ~ ISBN: 978-1-58749-652-3
Order at your favorite bookstore or online!

Irons in the FireRomantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Nominee for BEST SMALL PRESS PARANORMAL
Published by Crescent Moon Press
Available in print at: Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s
EBOOK ISBN: 978-0-9818484-4-0
PRINT ISBN: 978-0-9818484-5-7

Paranormal Romance

The Beast of Blackbirch Manor
Published by New Concepts Publishing
Available in print! ISBN: 978-1-60394-291-1
Digital Edition ~ ISBN: 978-1-60394-028-3
Order online!

The Company You Keep
Paranormal Romance
Published by Crescent Moon Press
Available in print at: Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s
PRINT ISBN: 978-0-9823065-1-2
EBOOK ISBN: 978-0-9823065-0-5

The Fiend of White Buck Hall
Paranormal/Historical Romance
Published by New Concepts Publishing
Currently Available Only in Digital Formats
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-60394-411-3

Prince of the Mist
Paranormal Romance
Currently out of print. :^(

Kiss of Blarney
Paranormal Romance
Currently out of print. :^(

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