RT 2010 accommodation Sneek Peek

So RT will be in Columbus Ohio this year. It’s about 2.5 hours away from me, I live in Toledo, Ohio. So I took a day trip to see what we were in for. My mission to look at the bars and atmosphere to check out the eating establisments and to talk to the staff and hear about the snafoo that RT has had so far.  What I found was alot more than I bargined or paid for.

The situation as I heard it was that RT is over booked in the Hyatt and they Hyatt’s overflow goes out to the Crowne Plaza and/or the Drury. Until you have a confirmation you don’t have a room. A lot of people will be finding this out when they go to check in that they have been moved. I got a hospitality suite and hopefully I won’t be moved again. So from what I ‘heard’ the party is still on in our room. Midnight Margaritas on Wednesday and Un-birthday party/ WTH party on Saturday before that other thing we have to go to at night. Maybe we’ll have one on Tuesday night but I have to ask my roomies.

The people are nice. The front desk clerk was clearly a fan of romance and really wanted to come to a midnight margarita party so I invited her.

The bar is in the middle of everything, literally. In. The. Middle of the hotel.

The Crowne Plaza is across the street and the Drury is on the right side of the Hyatt, all three are connected via glass walkways and stuff. There is plenty to do if you go a few block north to West Gay street. All the shopping and eateries are along that area. If you go South you will find art galleries and more bars. I think more of the night life will be on Gay St though.

No malls to think of but there is a bit of shopping in the food court if you need luggage and stuff. UPS is also in the common area to help support getting your books home.

The Food court is just like it sounds BUNCHES of different fast food and an Ice cream parlor. Max and Erma’s is across the street and there is also a cafe in the Hyatt. I don’t know about the others I never checked them. Sorry I was rather worn out.


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  1. I live in greenville so were quite a drive too! But I am only going to the book fair. Thanks for the pictures now I know what to look for as I drive through!

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