5 Minutes with Catherine Ann Collins

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Catherine is living her life-long dream on a 50 acre farm in Ontario where she and her husband recently moved.  Between playing with her ever growing menagerie of barnyard animals and helping her husband run their martial arts dojo, she finds time to write.  Other interests include traditional archery, walking in the woods, photography and reading.

Find her books and photos of her animals (and husband) on her website:

Rayna: What project are you currently working on? (C’mon, give us a hint!)

I’ll tell all. I have no secrets. J Truth is that I have about 3 half-finished manuscripts, but the one I’m currently contracted for is called A Witch’s Legacy. It’s a sequel to my recently published book, A Witch’s Lament. The story takes place in Salem, Ma. and deals with the Salem witch trials, past and present. Between ancient curses, sacrificial rituals, magic knives, and an age-old journal, there manages to be some time for romance between the sexy cop and gorgeous newcomer to town.

Rayna: I have heard from numerous authors that chocolate is the staple of their diet. Is it in yours?

Oh, gosh. I love chocolate. Dark chocolate is the best. My problem is that I used to work in a chocolate store—the kind of place that charges $1.50 for a single truffle—and all that good chocolate spoiled me. It’s not as easy to settle for the less expensive stuff now.  Whether it’s the staple of my diet or not? The answer would have to be no. My favourite food, the one I couldn’t do without, is cheese. Extra old cheddar mainly, but I love pretty much anything if it’s cheese. So, if it came down to a choice between cheese and chocolate—I could live without chocolate but I couldn’t live without cheese.

Rayna: What do you do for inspiration?

My morning meditation. But it’s a different kind of meditation than most people probably do. I get up every morning and go down to my barn to take care of my herd of goats. There’s nothing better than the still of early morning and sounds of nature waking up. Between warm sun rises, eerie mist that covers fields and swirls around split rail fencing, or gently falling snow…mornings are never the same. Each one is relaxing and invigorating in its own way. Even better than all that is the goats. They are so happy to see me and they let me know with a lot of love and affection. They are sociable, affectionate and absolutely hilarious to watch when they play.  It’s a great way to get myself into the right state of mind for the day.

Rayna: What kind of research do you do for your books?  Do you enjoy the research process?

I love researching my books and have to watch that I don’t get so caught up that I forget to write.  If I use a real town or city, I try to remain true to that place. In my first book, Sword Across Time, I set some of the story in England at the Glastonbury Tor. One of the people who read the book told me he’d just come back from the Tor and when he read my book, felt as if he was back there again. Now, I’ve never been to the Tor, but I managed to get as close as possible with the internet. I did go to Salem, Ma. in order to research A Witch’s Lament, and have to admit I like the up-close research technique. I think my next book should be set in a sunny location with a sandy beach.

Rayna: What is your favorite movie of all time?  The one where you can watch it and still get affected at the same spots each and every time?

That’s an easy one. The Lord of the Rings. No movie stimulates or motivates me as much as LOTR. My husband bought me the extended versions and I watch them a couple of times a year. I love the scenery and music. Because I do both, I enjoy watching the sword and archery techniques. The basic concepts of loyalty, honour, and commitment are seen little enough these days, yet abound in this movie. Definitely my favourite.

Rayna: Do you believe in love at first sight?

It happened to me, so I have to believe.

Rayna: Do you have a celebrity crush?

Sure, doesn’t everyone? Gerard Butler and Viggo Mortensen.

Rayna: Have you ever been nervous over reader reaction when a new book comes out?

Always.  I worry about what the reviewers and the readers think. But I’m getting better about it. It’s kind of like when I first started submitting my manuscripts and getting all kinds of rejections. Each one of them cut me deep and I worried and fretted over every word. Eventually, as my confidence in my writing grew and I realized that every opinion offered by these agents and publishers could be very contradictory, I began to be able to look at the rejections objectively. With reader and reviewer opinions, I know that not everyone who reads my books is going to enjoy them and I’m getting better at dealing with that.  I believe in my writing and with each book I write, my skills improve.  So, I write what I like and if someone doesn’t like it, that’s okay. At least, that’s what I tell myself.

Rayna: What is the weirdest thing a reviewer has ever said about one of your books?

I can’t think of anything weird a reviewer said, but I did receive a strange rejection letter from a publisher that I had to read a few times to make sure I understood it correctly. I can’t remember the exact wording, but it was something like this. “Your writing potential far exceeds our publishing abilities.” Duh! Really, what does that mean?  I think it’s a good thing, but, who knows.

Rayna: Boxers or briefs?


Rayna: Red Pill or Blue Pill?

Yikes! Reality or fantasy? I’m a Capricorn, therefore a very logical person, yet I write fantasy. Tough choice. Good thing I don’t have to decide.

Thank you Catherine for this enlightening interview. You can find her at Fictionwise ebooks, Amazon and Wings Press

Her lastest releases:

The Crystal of Light

Beyond the world of man, such places exist that we can only dream of them in our wildest imagining. The realm of faerie is such a place. Created from necessity when Avalon disappeared into the mists of time, the faerie realm is the last vestige of a civilization tracing their roots back to the tragic isle of Atlantis.

Ruled by an uncertain king, weakened by rampant interbreeding, and threatened by a vindictive goblin bent on claiming the throne he believes to be his, the realm of faerie is in danger of extinction or destruction. It will take the powers of ancient bloodlines, a crystal, and the realization of abilities and personal growth to save this magical world.

Read an excerpt

A Witch’s Lament

When Skye Temple buys a historic house in Salem, Massachusetts, the witch capital of the world, she ignites events that began centuries ago during the witch trials.  Salem’s bloody history unfolds with her discovery of ancestral diaries, the murders of local girls, and her attraction to Jerome Phips.

A local police officer, Jerome has returned to Salem vowing to uncover the truth of his mother’s disappearance during a ritual gone horribly wrong 30 years ago.  His suspicion of Skye and her family’s history keeps tension between them high.

Burdened with the birth-task of the Goods to keep an ancient knife protected, Skye gains a new understanding of her powers, while the need to avenge his mother’s death drives Jerome.  Past and present collide in a final ritual between evil, love, and honor.

Sword Across Time: A curse, A sword, A legend reborn

When the legendary realm of Avalon disappears into the mist, it leaves behind a powerful and dangerous legacy. A legacy of curses invoked in the heat of anger and passion. Over the centuries the words have faded to a mere whisper, yet their power remains strong and deadly. Now, the descendants of Merlin the Magician and the Lady of the Lake must deal with the repercussions of long ago betrayals.

The danger ensues when Gavin and Tamara discover journals written by their ancestors and embark on a search for the truth. Thrust together by Fate and caught in circumstances beyond their control, the two find themselves attracted to, yet frustrated by, each other.

The Dark Lady, Morganna, half-sister to King Arthur, seeks to destroy Merlin and the Lady of the Lake forever by claiming Sword Excalibur’s powerful forces for herself. Unaware that a blood sacrifice is needed to activate the power of the sword, Gavin and Tamara find themselves in a race against evil in order to defeat Morganna—and save themselves.


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