Who Is Reading male/male romance/erotica and Why?

Who Is Reading m/m Romance/Erotica and Why?

by Diana

Upon conducting extensive research and interviews on why women read ménage and specifically m/m erotica I found it to be a simple case of curiosity. The idea of the ‘forbidden’ seems to spark a fire in many. Strangely enough the majority of readers seem to be heterosexual females. Although many gay men read the genre the ones I interviewed tended to prefer true HEA stories or suspense.

For several it was an intense desire to know if a homosexual relationship guided by a similar set of ethical values and principles of the more traditional heterosexual monogamous relationship: love, mutual support, respect, loyalty, honesty, and trust were present. Others read to discover the insight in to how gay men deal with family; society; work? In a fictitious world, these are still real issues and that can’t be skirted around and still make the story seem whole.

Fiction stretches our imaginations and encourages us to see old things in a new light and to go beyond our boundaries to things we’ve never dreamed of. Since Brokeback Mountain was such a huge success at the box office more and more people have come to accept and desire knowledge of m/m romance.


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