Promo: Taming Chaos by Mahalia Levey

Taming Chaos

by Mahalia Levey

From Extasy books

Justice isn’t about right or wrong, it’s about balance of the Cosmos.

Goddess Serephine has come into her powers early. Without the proper tutelage, she spirals out of control, exploding into chaos and harming the current God of Order.
Guilt consumes Sere while she’s Chaos at her worst, at her best, she’s a lively young lady. If one man makes her nervous the most, it’s Darvon.

God Darvon has been recalled home to take his father’s stead. When he sees him wheelchair bound, he’s determined to have his revenge on the one who harmed him.
Until he enters the holding chamber and lays eyes on the pixie face of his childhood friend.

In absolute Chaos there can be no peace, with absolute Order there can be no growth. Neither party can deny their godhood. With Astraia demanding that they come to terms and their growing attraction, will they find balance to their souls?

Tarot Card: Justice

Excerpt 1

Serephine gripped the railing of her balcony. Rays of sunshine bounced off the blue green waters of the Aegean Sea, which brought warmth to her bronzed skin. The soft breeze fanned her hair out, causing wisps to caress her face. She smoothed the tendrils behind her ears and tilted her head up to embrace the peaceful day, glad for the moment of reprieve. Below her, the cliff’s jagged edge dropped off, sparse vegetation dotted the landscape. Like the turbulent waters crashing over the craggy rocks, the violence of her calling beckoned her, reminding her that peace was never everlasting.

Ravaged in body and exhausted mentally, she ignored the dark void charging within her, as if ignoring her gift would make it any less real, any less catastrophic. With each cataclysmic event, her soul ripped in two. Astraia, keeper of Justice, promised her balance would be brought to her life. Balance had been promised, but so far evaded her.

All her life, she fought to understand the positive side of being Chaos. Her mother taught her to accept her lot and let it overtake her. The older she became, the more her power increased. Filling others with darkness each time she passed them or touched anyone provoked panic. Years of alienation turned her into a withdrawn, solitary woman.

A soft sigh left her lips—enough pity. She turned from her balcony to head into her country cottage home. Step by step, she climbed the stairs, lifting her basket of sweet blooms from the rung she’d placed it on. Smiling, she bent to inhale the sweet fragrance as she swiped at an itch on her nose. Even allergies wouldn’t dissuade her from picking up her favorite sweet smelling blooms.

“Heavenly.” Sere pressed down the lever to open her front door. A slice of fear welled up in her throat as her vision hazed. No. Not now. The flowers slipped from her fingers, forgotten as she surrendered to the nature calling her. The seductive voice lured her, embraced her and sent slow strokes of fire igniting in her.

A vortex opened in front of her, ready to once again transport her to a new destination of destruction. Her fingers started to glow until her body broke apart and she was a swirling mass of red-hot embers. Conscious thought left as darkness descended.

Chaos landed on the earthen ground in St. Louis and began the ripping earthquake to take place. The wail of the city sirens sounded. Too late. The ground bottomed out as if the earth itself wanted to swallow it. Birds fell from the sky as sulfuric odors rose from gaping holes. Death slithered in collecting fatalities. Sere watched as Chaos, fed off the pandemonium surrounding her. Their body in non-corporeal form, Sere was little more than a ghost as they walked through the ravaged streets of the city. Buildings crumbled and fell while humans and animals sought refuge or medical assistance. She knew they’d suffer alone.

Free flowing energy tingled in her translucent limbs. Her feet glided across the ground as Chaos brought them far and wide, breathing in the delicious damage that fed her soul. While she cried out at the devastation, the bitch purred in satisfaction. The gaze that roved over the victims wasn’t Sere’s, nor was the absence of remorse that their lives had changed.

The hum within her grew again. The chaos within her sensed another task. In a flash, she saw the Eads Bridge crumble into the Mississippi River. Elation surged through her. The transfer process began to suck her in, she bounced off a protective barrier. Stunned, she lost her momentum, frozen in mid-transfer. Without the ability to regain her thrust, her body reformed. Incredulous, she focused, honing in on the God preventing her from doing her task. “You!”

“Goddess Serephine. I cannot in good conscious let you unleash another act upon humanity at this time.

” Alister, God of Order, held the solid shield entrapping her.

“You have no choice but to step aside—fate is fate,” the mouth belonged to Sere, the words Chaos railed, throwing everything she had against him.

“Settle down, Goddess. Look around you, at what you’ve begun. The others are scrambling to undo what’s been done.”

“You cannot control me. You cannot hold back what is beckoned of me. Step aside. This is your one and only warning.” Through Sere’s eyes, Chaos stared at him.

Alister crossed his arms. “You are unstable, Chaos, return to your resting spot. I vow you’ll not like what happens should you disobey me.”

“That’s real rich. Come now, do you really believe you hold the power to detain me? I have control of the winds, the capacity of destruction thrums in my veins. See how it flows through me like sweet red wine, warming and feeding me.” She shared her vision with him of the quake and tremors that would bring down the bridge.

Excerpt 2

An hour later, Darvon still questioned his fate. “Gah!” He stood up, his abrupt motion caused the chair to tilt back. He caught the armrest, righted it, blowing out a steadying breath. Without meaning to, she’d wrecked his perfectly structured life. Determination seized him. His leisure amble hastened. He stalked to Sere’s quarters to put some boundaries between them. Only when he eased open the door intent to speak, lust overrode his thoughts.


“Darvon.” Sere moaned. On the middle of the platform bed in view of the door, she adjusted the pillow between her naked thighs. Her shaved pussy rubbing against the fabric of the pillowcase elicited another moan from her lips. Her hair fell over her face, curtaining her breasts. She tossed her head back and lifted her body up. Wiggling her bottom, she slid back and forth, slow and deliberate to rub her distended clit over and over, pretending she was riding him.

She wanted his cock, ached for it to be buried inside of her. Instead, she fucked her pillow, taking pleasure in her approaching orgasm. Placing one hand behind her, she leaned back to give herself room to toggle her clit and allow the cream to drench her fingers. “Fuck me.” She bit her lip and closed her eyes. Out of breath from her work up, she came close to exploding.

Not yet.

Sere repositioned herself and rocked faster. Short pants of breath left her mouth, her body trembled and her pussy tightened. Burning with desire, the need to climax slammed into her. She denied herself the pleasure of coming just yet. Her pebbled nipples ached to be bitten. In her fantasy, she imagined Darvon ravaging her body, his lips on her nipples, her clit. Visualizing his finger sliding in her hole sent her careening over the edge. The strength of her orgasm sucked the breath right out of her. She pulled the cum-soaked pillow from between her thighs, tossed it to the foot of the bed and fixed her gaze on a movement by the door.

“Darvon!” Heat suffused her face. “How long have you been there?” Crumpled bedding surrounded her. She tugged the loose sheet in a vain attempt to cover her nakedness.

“Long enough to hear you cry out my name, not once but twice.” The door creaked when he pushed through it, entering, his gaze never leaving her flushed cheeks. “Fantasize much?”

“I—uh.” Her tongue ceased to work. Dry mouthed, she gaped at Darvon as he strode to her, his baritone voice caressing her skin with each syllable. Sere hid her aroused body beneath the sheet she’d gripped in her hands.

“Tell me…do you feel better?” he challenged.



Sere swallowed, his pectorals bunched as he moved, making her drool and her stomach fill with butterflies. Her heartbeat quickened. “I’m not lying.” Light sweat dampened her palms from her little white lie. The predatory gleam in his eyes sent shivers of desire straight to her pussy. Her nipples beaded so tight she whimpered at  the contact of her sheet brushing against them. Her eyes widened in anticipation of him hitting the edge of the bed.

Cologne never graced his skin, why would it?

Rugged, ripped, hot. Under lowered eyelashes, she took a closer look at the erection he sported. Sweet temptation urged her to reach out and grab it, though her hands remained gripping the bedding tightly. She moaned so soft she hoped he didn’t hear as she scooted to the head of the bed, placing distance between them, waiting, for his next strategy.

“We shall see.” He chuckled, closing the remaining distance.

“Darvon—what’re you planning to do?” Sere nibbled on her lip, afraid to make the first move. How long have I dreamed he’d make love to me? Damn near forever.

Her indrawn breath came out in a long hiss when he pulled his shirt off his body, baring his pierced nipples for her. Damn, that is sexy. Her gaze drifted lower, where his hands deftly unbuttoned his pants and dropped them.

“Figured I was over dressed for the occasion.”


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