I need to apologize…

I need to apologize to a few people today. To those I had promised promo for yesterday and today, I am sorry. I have finals this week and I am a bit CF’d at the moment. I have rescheduled a few already if you are one of those people please check out the calender.

I also need to apologize to Rebekah L. I was an unfeeling cad and a bitch at that. I am really sorry we broke the way we did and I wish the best success with your new venture.

I also have to apologize to any readers I have. I have been pretty much way too busy for my own good and now that my surgery is on the horizon I feel like I have to make up for it and more. So for you guys I will break with the doctors orders and type away and read until my fingers need restitching and my eyes bleed.

Now for a little funny I found just to make someone else laugh or go “huh?”

See that picture there? Its from Lori Fosters list of attending authors. My name is on that list. I figure there are two possibilities, 1) Someone else has my name, thanks to Sony and the PlayStation Network or 2) It was a funny fubar that I would love to use to my miniacle advantage.  I say we use #2. Click on it to make it bigger


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