Blog Blast 2011

Save The Date!

May 14, 2011 is a day you will want to save the date for the biggest blog blast ever done! Authors GA Hauser, Stormy Glenn & Rie McGaha have teamed up for a day of fun and give-aways. More than fifty blog hosts are participating in this, (courtesy Goddess Fish and Blog Exchange) and GA, Stormy, and Rie will be giving away autographed books, e-books, t-shirts, bookmarkers, posters and more!

The day will begin with a few questions on each of their websites that will direct you to the answers on the blogs. We’ll be giving away e-books all day long, culminating with a podcast at Blog Talk Radio with host Marsha Cook. You will be able to call in to the show, ask questions, and the chat line will be open as well. Following the broadcast the authors will be at the Yahoo Group Erotic Promo chatting, posting excerpts and giving away more goodies. If you’re not a member of Erotic Promo, it only takes a moment to join and be there for Blog Blast 2011 with GA Hauser, Stormy Glenn & Rie McGaha!

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