Review: Dark Slayer by Christine Feehan

Dark Slayer: A Carpathian Novel

by Christine Feehan

ISBN: 9780425229736

Truthfully I was disappointed with the last two releases of Christine Feehan’s, the Burning Wild and Hidden Current.  I wasn’t impressed to say the least.  I was beginning to think that this was going to be the trend, so I started Dark Slayer with trepidation.  However, I was surprised, pleasantly so.  It seemed her old formula that endeared me to her originally was again at work, along with a twist of more world building.

We are introduced to Ivory Malinov and Razvan, who is detested and feared by all Carpathians as their enemy.  Ivory is the Dark Slayer, the long thought dead sister of the Malinov Brothers has lived alone for centuries with just her wolves, fighting the vampires and trusting no one, not even the Carpathian’s.  Razvan, over the course of several previous books, has been a thread woven through-out with his attempts to inflict evil and death to the Carpathians.  Ivory finds Razvan, in the snow awaiting the sun and to put an end to his life of imprisonment by Xavier, she recognizes him as her lifemate and takes him to her lair.

Ivory and Razvan’s story starts with Ivory caring for Razvan, who has been kept starved for blood most of his life so that Xavier could control him.  Razvan, a Dragonseeker, is brought to up to his fullest potential. As it unfolds, they both share their past lives of pain, distrust and betrayal and learning to trust and care for each other.  With her previous mage studies under Xavier and Razvan’s centuries of being controlled by Xavier, they unite their knowledge and powers to fight and destroy their common enemy, Xavier.

Along the way, they have run ins with the Carpathians society, where they develop a surprising allegiance and battle more than a little distrust.  Ivory, who is one of the oldest female Carpathians, is powerful and share’s her knowledge of Xavier’s spells and her abilities to unravel them adding a much needed security especially to the women.

Learning the back story of Ivory and Razvan has added a wonderful dimension to the Carpathian world.  I really liked Ivory’s Wolf Pack, it was unexpected to say the least and their integration of Razvan was cool.  We also got glimpses of most of old favorites, such as Skylar, Savannah, Gary and many more.  With the introductions of more male vampires, the Malinov Brothers to carry on the threat of Xavier’s evil and the Aunts, I am hoping the books are on a new curve, a development without rehashing the same old stuff.  I’d like and hope to see the continued world building of the Carpathian Society as she has shown in this book.  All in all, I’m glad that I had picked up the books as I feel there was redemption from the previous writings.

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