Review: An Improper Lover by Maggi Andersen

An Improper Lover

by Maggi Andersen

eBook ISBN: 9781615720958

Everything seems very proper on the surface but murder, intrigue and lust embroil Harriett in a very different scene…

Lady Harriett Edgerton and her family visit a relative in his country mansion in Kent, England, in the early nineteenth century. Harriett finds herself not only caught up in a murder investigation, but falling in love with the wrong man. Determined not to become an old maid with no romantic dalliances, she plans a night of passion to ensure a scandalous past.

A tale of innocent romance and minor intrigue set in the early 1900’s on a country estate in England. Lady Harriett Edgerton hasn’t seen her male relative in nearly seven years. One look at Cousin Gerard Edgerton’s dark and handsome visage has her thankful they are only related by marriage.

‘An Improper Lover’ was a sweet story with a somewhat predictable account of one sister being the belle of the ball and the other more studious and steadfast. It was hard to guess who the villain might be because no background was given on lesser characters.

The plot was fine but the lack of detail left me wanting much more. It was an easy read but not something I would rush out to purchase.


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