Review: Heart Bond by Gwendolyn Cease

Heart Bond

By Gwendolyn Cease

ISBN# 978-1-907280-36-8

Reviewed by Nancy


Jaz Maloney is the scion to a wealthy Vitala family and all he wants to do is have fun. Especially if it involves Jin, a tall, dark, handsome stranger who totally rocks his world. But the fun ends when an older male Vitala puts a claim on Jaz and attempts to force him under his control. When Jaz refuses the male goes before the senate and, using old Vitala law, destroys Jaz’s family. Devastated, Jaz sees no other option, but to do what this male wants until Master Ryujin steps forward to defend him.

Master Ryujin is only in the city for a brief visit, when he steps in to stop what he sees as a miscarriage of justice. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the male he’s protecting is the same one that caught his attention at a club. But he’s certainly not looking for a life partner.

Ryujin and Jaz have nothing in common, but when the heart speaks, these two men can do nothing but answer.

This was an interesting story, although because it is the first by this author that I have read, I felt that I was missing something. That didn’t keep me from enjoying it, but some history on the Vitala might have been helpful. Jaz is like no other vampire I’ve ever encountered (in books of course) He is the overtly gay social butterfly, rich, spoiled and headstrong, and always seeking attention. If he weren’t from a rich family, he probably wouldn’t have survived as long as he has. Nobody knows there is another, more creative side to Jaz Maloney, and that is the artist Jazon, whose paintings are sold worldwide. That is where Jaz shines: in his art. Unfortunately, he catches the wrong eye and when he repeatedly refuses to be the toy of Andrew Robertson, it leads to tragedy. Jaz has a best friend ands she offers to kill Robertson for Jaz, but he knows that won’t really solve anything. When Jaz meets Ryujin at a club, he falls, hard, but is sure that Ryujin isn’t interested in him. The troubles that ensue because of Robertson’s obsession with Jaz turn the rest of his family against him, even as Ryujin saves him. The passion between these two men is scorching hot, and could just burn your fingers. I only recently began reading m/m romance, and I’m glad I didn’t miss this one. Ms Cease does the sex scenes with taste, and with passion too. There is no “in your face” blatant sex for sex sake. What she shows is love and caring, and yes, screaming hot sex between two people who care about each other. There can never be too much love, right?


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