Review: Dumped! by Dee Dawning


by Dee Dawning

Lila Patterson receives the shock of her life when, after being stood up for lunch by her husband, she returns home and finds her things being moved into a moving van.

Seeing her husband standing on the lawn directing the movers, she storms up to her husband, only to receive an even bigger shock and deep hurt when their lawyer, her long time friend from college, hands her a divorce petition.

So this christmas vacation read Dumped! by Dee Dawning, it was a decent read. However, I have to admit I thought it was a little dragged out. It could have ended a chapter or two earlier and I wouldn’t have minded.
The story of a cheap-ass cheating husband is sad and true enough in real life that is pissed me off a little. Immediately, I rallied with the new couple and hoped to hell the ex died. Too bad I didn’t get my wish in the end.

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