Review: Dance Like Nobody’s Watching By Luxie Ryder

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

By Luxie Ryder

On a hit TV dancing competition, the dance floor isn’t the only place where things are heating up…

As the costume designer, Sherrie Alveston is in trouble when the trousers she made for Ty Webster, the superstar of the ballroom scene, split in a very unfortunate place. How is a woman supposed to concentrate when his delicious body and hungry eyes make her fumble with the needle? While she tackles with the delicate repair, Ty’s casual flirting leads to something far more intense.

But a sudden love connection always has its barriers, and Ty’s dance partner, Diana, is determined to stand in their way. Coping with a damaged leg after a devastating motorbike crash, Sherrie doesn’t think she can compete with the beautiful ice queen…until Ty is forced to take drastic measures and proves to her just how needed she really is.

Ty is a professional dancer on Strictly Ballroom ( *cough* Dancing With the Stars *cough cough*) Sherri is a seamstress for the show, Strictly Ballroom. She was involved in a bad motorcycle accident. And has a few insecurities about herself since then. And Ms. Ryder uses those insecurities to almost making Sherri seem pretty desperate. It’s almost like she has a Cinderella syndrome or something. And to make things worst I was a little put off by Ty’s approach to her, it made me feel like he knew she could get no better then him. Now please understand, when I read I have a tendency to put myself in the heroine’s position, always wondering how I would react if someone were saying these things to me.  And honestly, I probably would have raised and eyebrow and laughed at him for his audacity instead of giving myself the inner “SQUEE” like Sherrie did and romping off to the closest mattress.

I found the story between Ty and Sherri cute, but a little strange.  They have a one night stand… misunderstandings ensue.  Lots of “How could you THINK that about ME?!”  attitudes, which is strange since they pretty much just hopped into bed with each other.

This book isn’t something that would make me run out and buy all titles by the author, but I wouldn’t toss them out because she wrote them either.   That said, though I did an eye roll or two, I was entertained and willing to suspend my disbelief enough to just enjoy the story for what it was.


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