Review: Take It Off, Warrior by Eliza Knight

Take It Off, Warrior

by Eliza Knight

A thoroughly delightful time-travel romance filled with deliciously sexy romps and quirky humor. Ms. Knight’s hunky Scottish warrior, Camden, tickles the funny bone with amusing observations of modern day garments and amenities. His innate ability to conform to the present works quite well to keep you on edge as to whether he will stay or return to the duties of his clan.

Though the heroine, Valerie, is a completely modern woman she possesses the true heart of a romantic when it comes to her studly kilted Scot. The reader will swoon right along with her when she learns the answer to the question of ‘What does one wear under a kilt?’

The bond between Camden and Valerie was magical and nicely portrayed in their tender yet deeply erotic love scenes. This is a story that is worth a read and a than a re-read. You may even hear a whispered, ‘take it off, warrior…’ as you do.


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