Review: Queen of Song and Souls by C.L. Wilson

Queen of Song and Souls: Fourth Book in the Tarien Soul Series

By C L Wilson

ISBN-13: 978-0843960600

Leisure Books


After reading an excerpt in the back of one of Christine Feehan’s books, I rushed out and bought the first two books : Lord of the Fading Lands and Lady of Light and Shadows, then left them sitting in the “To Be Read” pile as I was afraid that the books would let me down.  Boy, I could kick myself for waiting so long.  From then on, I got wrapped up in these books.  I have read them numerous times and when you consider I write reviews and don’t often have time to re-read books. For me to find the time to re-read these books should be a testament to how good they really are. 

Ms Wilson’s world building is reminiscent of one of my all time favourite authors Anne McCaffrey and it was no surprise to find that Ms Wilson names Ms McCaffrey as a favourite author of hers.  The attention to detail, of what to me, appears to be a complex and complicated world is nothing short of inspiring.  I have read bad reviews about this book where people have complained that there is no HEA in it; however this book is a fantasy. I didn’t know that a HEA is a must have for a fantasy book.  It’s a sweeping love story people, get over it.  I personally would rather have a suggestive read (which this book and the others in the series are in spades) than perhaps the loss of world building and detail that rushing to a HEA might bring about. 

As an avid fan, I already knew that this book wasn’t the completion and that there is another book to come.  It gives more of Ellie and Rain’s back stories, and makes both of them well rounded characters.  It also highlights just how far Rain has come from when he scorched the world.  There is a mellowing of Rain even whilst he struggles with what he knows is to come. The tension is rising now and after reading this book, my mind was racing for days. I couldn’t pick up another because my mind was just too caught up in the possibilities about what can be in book five.

All in all, I loved learning more about the Elves and I can’t wait to see what Ms Wilson throws into the mix next.  I’ll come right out and admit it, I cried when reading a certain part of this book.  Who am I kidding? I cried more than once and I’m not ashamed.  There are not many books that bring me to tears but this shows just how deeply connected I am to the characters and the story.  I loved this book and all the other books Ms Wilson has written. Bring on Book 5, Tarien Soul. Mei’felani. Bei’santi. Nehtah, bas desrali!



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