Review: Taming Chaos by Mahalia Levey

Taming Chaos

by Mahalia Levey

From Extasy books

Justice isn’t about right or wrong, it’s about balance of the Cosmos.

Goddess Serephine has come into her powers early. Without the proper tutelage, she spirals out of control, exploding into chaos and harming the current God of Order.
Guilt consumes Sere while she’s Chaos at her worst, at her best, she’s a lively young lady. If one man makes her nervous the most, it’s Darvon.

God Darvon has been recalled home to take his father’s stead. When he sees him wheelchair bound, he’s determined to have his revenge on the one who harmed him.

Until he enters the holding chamber and lays eyes on the pixie face of his childhood friend.

In absolute Chaos there can be no peace, with absolute Order there can be no growth. Neither party can deny their godhood. With Astraia demanding that they come to terms and their growing attraction, will they find balance to their souls?

Ms. Levey’s writing is seamless and dreamy. She describes scenes that put the reader right there in the story. And the love Sere has for Darvon is very evident in her denial and shame of her Goddess half, Chaos.

The sex scenes are great, particularly the one where Darvon watches Sere pleasure herself then climaxes crying out his name.  OOps spoilers.  But a damn HAWT one. I recommend this read on that scene alone. But of course there is the storyline, girl accidentally maims boys father, boy really loves girl but not her evil side; girl hates her evil side and her evil side swears they, Sere and Darvon, are trying to kill her.

This book has all the things I want like sex, drugs, evil sexually frustrated goddesses, and really hot gods. Go out get buy legally and rant to the world that you love it like I do.


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