Review: Inked by Everly Drummond

by Everly Drummond
Short Story, Free Read
When Avery Carmichael decides to get a tattoo she has no idea that she’ll be getting a lot more than she bargained for. When sexy tattoo artist, Brody Duncan, shows up at her door unannounced Avery finds him hard to resist, but little does she know that she’s in for the ride of her life. The only question is can she hold on long enough to enjoy the ride? 18+
Inked is all about the girl meets girl for awesome sex. I agree. I don’t see lasting past the pages its written on but for a short story its was awesome. Had great sex. Good character build. And the storyline was, well it was a booty call using a lam excuse. But they both wanted it.

Story: 4 (because I say it was too short, I want to know what happened after)

Sex: 5 ( it was so hot and steamy)

Overall enjoyment: 4.5

Everly Drummond writes the City of the Damned Books. Here is a look at them.

Marked (book one) is free on Amazon right now

Marked: City of the Damned Book 1. Following the death of her parents, Sara Bishop sells everything she owns and moves to New York in hopes of being closer to her aunt and uncle, the only family that she has left. After stumbling upon a fight between two men in the dark alleyways of New York, a brutal attack by one of the men has left her marked. Pryse has claimed her intoxicating blood for himself. It is against vampire law that a human be unwilling marked, and Gedeon finds himself, not only wanting to protect the fragile human, but doing anything within his power to break the mark that Pryse has placed on her, so that he may claim her for himself. Until now Gedeon believed that vampires could only feel two emotions, lust and hunger, but Sara has him second guessing everything he had ever thought to be true. In Sara’s arms, Gedeon finds something that he never knew existed, and Sara finds more than she could ever hope for. Can Gedeon break Pryse’s mark and claim Sara for himself before it’s too late? To read Marked click here.


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