Review: Demonic Persuasion by Mahalia Levey

Demonic Persuasion

Mahalia Levey

ISBN 978-1-595787767

Born of a Navajo healer and a high-level prince of Hell, The Dine Gods demanded Fatal be turned over to her mother’s tribe to learn their healing arts and kept away from demon hands. But with her tutelage came cruel segregation and disrespect because of her father’s heritage. Not knowing why her life has suddenly come under demon attack, Fatal sets out, armed with her knowledge and her fighting skills, to take out any evil that gets in her way.

As prince of a lower level of Hell, Orobus signed a contract in blood that he be betrothed to Fatal, the high prince of Hell’s half-breed daughter. Oracle by birth, he isn’t privy to complete visions with regard to himself. Having forgotten the fateful night he signed the agreement, he’s thrust into the fight of his life—the fight to claim his woman! Come Hell or high water, he will take care of what is rightfully his, even if it means making her face both sides of her heritage and teaching her there is no shame.

Read an Excerpt Here

Fatal, the main bad-ass chick is a woman after my own dark and evil withered heart. She is strong, stubborn and sexy as hell and has the HAWTTEST man in hell running after her to make her his mate. Together Fatal and Orobus, her hottie mate, bring down her emotional barriers, catch a bad guy and reunite with the family Fatal never wanted but she always longed to have. This book has all the things I think a erotic novel should have:

  • Hot guys
  • Sex toys
  • Naked people
  • Sex
  • and a little bit of a plot. ( I like a little plot with my sex.

So at the end of this book if you have not gotten hot and bothered, changed positions while reading, or just thought about how late the local adult store is open, you may need to just stop reading romance/erotica all together. You may be a cold fish. I loved this book. She aimed to please and I was more than pleased. Go get it, Now!!!


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