Review: Second Chance Pass by Robyn Carr

Second Chance Pass

Robyn Carr


ISBN-13: 978-0-7783-2646-5

February 2009

Overall rating: 4

Virgin River is a small mountain town in Northern California.  Vanessa Rutledge is staying with her Dad in Virgin River while her husband Matt is serving in Iraq.  Nearing the end of her pregnancy, her husband is killed.  Paul Haggerty was Matt’s best friend and served in the Marines with him before joining the reserves.  Paul is in Virgin River on a job when Vanni receives word of Matt’s death.  Vanni begs Paul to stay with her until after the baby is born.  Paul has secretly been in love with Vanni for years. Helping each other with the pain of losing Matt along with the joy of experiencing the baby’s birth draws them even closer together.  Vanessa falls hard for Paul.  However, Paul refuses to dishonor his friend by entering into a romantic relationship with Matt’s widow.  With some well meaning meddling by the townsfolk, Paul and Vanni just might get a second chance at love.

Second Chance Pass is the fifth book in the Virgin River series. Here we are brought up to date on the lives of Jack and Mel, Preacher and Paige along with Mike and Brie.  These people of Virgin River are authentic and real to me; they struggle with raising children; they worry about family members, serving in the military; they bear forest fires, bad breakups and more.

Paul and Vanni, whom are a welcome addition to the Virgin River family and are just as true to life as the rest of them.  Just when Paul decides to take a chance on a life with Vanni, a woman from his past. And she brings with her a complication that threatens to keep him and Vanni apart forever.

I loved reading this book.  I read the first half in half a day.  Just breezed through and couldn’t put it down.  That being said, when I got past the halfway mark, the book slowed amazingly.  It felt to me that the story with Paul and Vanni was done and the book was dragging along with stories about the other people of the town. However, I do feel that, had I read the previous 4 books, this wouldn’t have bothered me.  I just didn’t have the emotional history with the others.  That being said, Ms. Carr’s writing is amazing and I have already ordered the first book in this series, Virgin River.  I intend to catch up as soon as I possibly can, as there are several books after Second Chance Pass as well.


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