Review: Believing is Trusting by Corrine Davies

Believing is Trusting

by Corrine Davies

Siren Publishing

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Hazel Cooke is a single mom, leading a quiet life working as a librarian. She doesn’t think she’ll ever find the right man, but then she meets Bacchus Krastos. Bach is gorgeous, charismatic and makes her feel like a true goddess. He’s an ideal lover, but she worries their relationship won’t be anything more.

Bach, Olympus’ original party animal, has fallen hard for the shy librarian. He wants Hazel for a lifetime, but first he has to convince her that not only is he a god, but she can help him stop the Titans from wiping out the universe. She’ll need to accompany him to a Bacchanalia, a sexual ritual in which Orpheus Dark, a powerful god and Bach’s longtime friend, will endow Bach with his power with Hazel’s help.

I won this book from Ms. Davies in a contest. Read it that same day and I absolutely love it. I liked it so much I just bought the first one, Believing is Seeing.

It presents a strong single mother whom is very protective of her son. Ms. Davies does a very good job of portraying her as not an overprotected anxious mother but a down to earth mom with very real cravings. I firmly believe that just because you’re a mom the sex drive does not just vanish. (I hate how some people just forget that mothers are women too).  I also liked the idea that the Greek gods are fallible and have a great sense of humor. Plus, Ms. Davies doesn’t over-sex the book either, she adds enough of the sex to make the story and weaves the plot throughout the book, dropping hints of what is to come from future books. I am waiting with baited breath. You have created a dedicated fan. Thank you.


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