Spoilers and Rants on Skin Trade Anita Blake #17

Okay after careful rethinking I won’t say this is my last Anita Book because we all know that is not the truth. But I do need to vent so I will say this


This is my take on spoilers, discussions and reviews that try not to spoil everything for you.
• People get upset that they read the review and it didn’t tell you anything.
• Or they get upset about a review that tells them too much.
• Then they get upset that they just spent $27 on a book that they really didn’t want to read and they blame somebody (review or discussion group, author, they guy that writes the book synopsis on the back cover)
I feel like that about LKH last one. And have decided that that is the book that has no name to me because it is dead. When Laurell wrote that one sentence dismissal of the fact she slept with a 16 year old and it was okay because it was in that state, she lost my respect on that. It was too close to being a pedophile for me.

Oh and another thing she killed off Mommy dearest with a bomb I think since the Queen vampire was haunting Anita thru so many books that she should have had her own book also to give it a more fitting ending. Unless it’s not the last we will see of her…


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