Review: Still Taking Chances by Roz Lee

Still Taking Chances

by Roz Lee

After a mission in a South American jungle goes wrong, DEA Agent Elgin ‘Hud’ Huddleston returns to his boyhood home to lick his wounds. Despite his better judgment, Hud is drawn to the woman across the street, a petite Dominatrix with a freeze your balls off name.

Mary Beth Winters packed away her toys and put the BDSM lifestyle behind her years ago when she realized the men she dominated didn’t need her as much as she needed them. But when a troubled bad-boy, Elgin ‘Hud’ Huddleston, moves in across the street, she dusts off her toy box and risks her heart to help him heal.



Still Taking Chances is about two hurting humans names Elgin and Mary Beth who don’t know how to fix their own pains and move on to trust, sex and love. Mary Beth and Elgin (who goes by the name Hud) both have a secret that they feel the need to hide, and both feel that if their secret gets out they will be ridiculed and people will shun and shame them.

The secrets: Mary Beth is a dominatrix and Elgin thinks he got some men killed, and trust me when I write this, by telling you out there in internetland I am not giving anything away.

While well written and super sexy at times I did find that at times this story got a little thin, and to be honest while the erotic scenes had the potential to make me scream, they ended up falling a little flat.

An issue that ended up taking me out of the story was that there were barely any dialogue tags and I got lost as to who was speaking. A few times I actually had to reread the scene to understand who was talking and who was being upset in that scene.

I found the use of the word “Fem-dom” as spoken by Elgin/Hud a little unfathomable. If he had a mistress before, which he said he had, he would have either thought of Mary Beth as mistress or as a dominatrix, not “fem-dom”. I don’t know of anyone who refers to a dominatrix as a femdom and I do actually know a few in the field.

The character of Elgin was interesting, and his character was delved into a little deeper than I thought he would be, it gave him a great past and some good character development, but Mary Beth falls a little flat. The reader doesn’t get to know much about her which is a little frustrating because the reader needs to know and feel something for her since she is half of the story teller. Lastly, I was bothered by the switch between Elgin/Huds name and thought after a certain point in the story he should have just been referred to as Elgin since the origins of his name was a detailed part of the story.

The erotic scenes were interesting, especially if the reader doesn’t know much about a dom/sub relationship, and it could have been delved into a little more. The scenes could have pushed a little more, I would have liked to actually feel the stinging slaps to Elgins hard ass. As a quick, fun and fast read for a nice fast turn on, I would recommend this book. If you want something that has more sex and scenes of passion, this may not be the story for you.  If you are looking for something to help you believe in love after pain, this is definitely the story for you!


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