Review: The Wanting by Shyla Colt

The Wanting

by Shyla Colt

The D’Shar Men, 1

Phelan D’Shar knew agent Zasha Johnson was his mate the moment she walked into his classroom. At the time, her age and his position as her professor kept him from acting on his desires.

When the biological mating period known as The Wanting hits, it ignites a passion that neither can resist. Will the icy Zasha run from her feelings or embrace the man who melts her heart?


The Wanting revolves around two charaters names Zasha and Phelan D’shar of the Shar alien race.  This story also has aliens, intrigue, and murder, on top of some hot sex and steamy passion.

Zasha is a government agent working to keep both aliens and humans safe.  Phelan is the king of the Shar alien race and he is looking for a mate.  Phelan and Zasha have worked around each other and known each other for years and finally Phelan can’t stop himself anymore, he has to give in to the Wanting (kind of a silly name for passionate rough sex).  Zasha feels the same for Phelan but is haunted by the murder of her mother by an alien boyfriend named Taval.

The passion in this story is fabulous and dripping, although at times it does go a little bit over the top it still works with this story.  If this were a story about two human lovers the ssexual chemistry and the playful passion would have a little bit of an ew factor, but since this is a fantastic science fiction story about a human and her alien lover it, while maybe still a little ew, does go enough into the extreme to make a human being with an alien not as routine as a human and human.

The chemistry between Zasha and Phelan is playful and loving and a little bit dangerous.  Also there are other characters that are fun to read so the reader not only gets entertained by the main charactrers but they also get a little treat every now and then when one of Phelan’s brothers enters the scene.

However, that being said the ending of the story is a little dissapointing. The reader learns so much about Zasha and Phelan and the element of danger from Taval’s return is so intense that the reader gets more drawn into the story, then it seems that abruptly it ends.  There seems to be no conclusion, unless you like alien lover stories with hot sex and don’t care if the killer is ever caught or explained.  This reader would have preferred a more concrete ending and not so much dangling in the air.  I like a good dangle like the next girl but too much dangle and I just am not as interested.

Read this if you like wet, and I mean wet, sex that might even make you stain a few pairs.  If you want a complete story that won’t leave you frustrated like last nights lover you might just want to pass, no reason to be frustrated again.


Also reviewed here by Rayna.


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