Review: Taming the Stallion by Zena Leigh

Taming the Stallion

By ZenaLeigh

Whispers Publishing


Sex or lack of: lots and purposeful 4.5

Story/plot: 4

Overall enjoyment: 4

Rachel Sheldon is running scared – from both men and horses – so when she meets the sexually experienced Nick Sheldon at her former stables, only time will tell if the newfound desire he awakes in her will be enough to tame him.

It was a good book. Story worked and flowed; the sex scenes were integral with the story; it was a sweet and charmingly seduction read.

It was about a woman,Rachel, who raped by an employee and then trampled by a horse. (She has my “sucks to be you” award nomination BTW)Rachelthen returns to the stud farm where her life was changed. Moreover, upon meeting the new owner her life changes again. There were many parallels to horses and people. I guess it is the same principle most the time. However, where a few references are okay, too many makes for a skipper. (A skipper, is when the reader feels that she has read this same scene already but in a different part of the book therefore they skip through to some unfamiliar wording.)



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