Classifieds: Authors Wanted!! Christmas of the Damned is a coming.

Authors Wanted!

I need some authors willing to pimp themselves for the good of the holidays. I wish to have a total of twelve (12) authors, whom have books with a “Damned Christmas” theme or have releases in or close to xmas.

We at Naughtyeditionreviews are doing a 12 day event called “The Twelve Damned Days of Christmas” Stating December 10th to Dec 22nd.

I had started out with only using Urban fantasy authors, however I guess they are all busy so now I am opening it up to anyone with a good book; romance elements are a must; erotica no problem but just boring fiction…eh. No offense to anyone, I read all kinds but this is a paranormal/romance/urban fantasy blog that dwells in erotica too. Not for the faint of heart or the below 18.

Email me at (Rayna @ naughtyeditionreviews .com) no spaces. If we get more than 12 then I guess we will have some more pimpage. Thanks!!


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