12 Damned Days of Christmas contest & Kindle Giveaway extended

Dear Readers and other peeps,

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! And welcome to the kick off of My 12 Damned days of Christmas Event.

Now that is out of the way lets get to business. There are a few quid pro quo things I need to say before you can play this little game with me.

First, for the next twelve or so days we are going to be showcasing alot of authors and giving away a metric butt-ton of books. These daily contests are given by NER unless stated otherwise. Prizes are mailed by me unless stated otherwise by our glorious sponsors. Thank you, sponsorsPlease be respectful of the sponsors and do not ask for substitute prizes. If you’ve entered and won a prize which isn’t for you, simply decline the prize so another winner can be chosen. Substitute prizes will not be given. Do not ask me for substitutes, and DEFINITELY do not ask the sponsors.

There are quite a few erotic pieces in the mix. I’m not going to sort through them. Instead, I will say this giveaway is for individuals 18+. In other words, you must be 18 or older to enter the giveaways.

Second, now being that the majority of this contest is a post and comment contest, there will be lots of right answers. They will then be put in to a hat and drawn by my lovely assistant Lily, who is 4 and I can pay in candy. I must stress that the winner picker is 4 years old. She can’t read and doesn’t care if I know you.

Third, the final contest is for the Kindle. It is open to all and is not just a post and comment entry. There will be a short story to read and you will need to find the book titles hidden in the story. All are Romance, most are paranormal. And one it is done and a winner will be picked and emailed. Now that being said it will take some time for me to go through all the entries but I will do so diligently and meticulously.

Fourth and finally, the blog contest is open to our international followers. I just ask you to be patient in me mailing stuff off to places like the Ivory Coast or Singapore customs is a bitch trying to get stuff there.

ALL Contest Entries MUST BE RECEIVED before January 10th Midnight EST.


Please to help us to be able to afford more cool contests like this one please take a button or a banner from our link page and spread the love. If you have a banner and want to share it feel free to send it my way. I like to share and I sometimes play well with others.

So good luck and happy reading!

Rayna “Kiki Stilletto” Scherer






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