On the 1st day of Christmas, Dana Marie Bell gave us a Free read

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On the first day of Christmas, my true mate gave to me: A copy of something that has some Norse gods in it and they share one woman. I think one of the names start with an L…Lori, Luke,Loganmaybe I can’t remember. Can you help me figure out this the name of this book?

Check out Dana Marie Bell’s Blog and website to find out.

My contest:

To be entered to win a $10.00 Amazon gift card, find the name of the book Dana wrote with those clues and leave a comment below.

And as a bonus if you can answer the question “What are the pineapples for?” from Dana’s latest holiday story found on her website. Then I will present that winner with a very special silver bracelet and their choice of book from my millions on by personal bookshelf Arc’s included.

Happy Holidays everyone! Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for Day 2 of this blog contest. Featuring Dakota Cassidy’s Books.

  1. The book is Very Much Alive.
    And the pineapple is on their Chrishanukyule tree.

  2. Happy Holidays! The book title is “Very Much Alive”, the first book in the True Destiny series. In “Just The Way You Are” the pineapples are for decorating the Chrishanukyule tree.

  3. The book title is Very Much Alive
    and the pineapples on on the Chrishanukyule tree.

  4. The book title is Very Much Alive
    Pineapples on the Chrishanukyule tree

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