On the 2nd day of Christmas, Dakota Cassidy fell in my lap.

Well due to a technical snafoo. I am redoing the second day of Christmas. For some reason the internet hated it and ate it. So today I have day two with some extra insight to the kindle scavenger hunt.

So lets try this again…

On the second day of Christmas, my Life mate gave to me a copy of Dakota Cassidy‘s You Dropped a Blonde On Me and yellow dress. Then he said I dare you to take a picture in this while reading her book. I then told him to shove that idea up his pooper and that Dakota will disown me…again.

My mate, knowingly got me this book and dress because he knows that I can not let a dare go. Plus, we all know Dakota has giving me my last and final warning about the DAMNED yellow. And because I LOVE my first stalkeree, I heeded her warning and got rid of the facebook group P.E.T.Y.

Can you guess what the groups initials stood for? I was so bad as to even make Dakota the ADMIN of said group. LOL well it was funny for a little while.

I will give you a hint. Think PETA, no not the People Eating Tasty Animals the other one. Or you can ask on her yahoo groups or fan page on Facebook. Just don’t tell her I sent you, I have to get back into her good graces.  I have to admit to the page being gone now. I just remembered Facebook cleaned house a while back. But it was funny to have.

Just leave a comment to answer the question and be entered to win a copy of You Dropped a Blonde on Me by Dakota Cassidy. Along with this book comes a nice pretty sparkly. All post are open until the end of the year. Good luck!!


Now information on the Kindle Book Title Hunt:

All post are open until the end of the year. Then I will pick a winner from each day and then one from the scavenger hunt that will begin New Years Eve, Eve. (31st.)

All you will have to do is find the book AND author.  Once you get all of them done send me the email with your address.

Grand prize is a Kindle and $25 GC.




23 thoughts on “On the 2nd day of Christmas, Dakota Cassidy fell in my lap.

  1. The answer is People for the Ethical Treatment of Yard-gnomes. I hope that I win. pppplllleeeeaaaasssseeee.

  2. I love Dakota’s books and I love Dakota herself as well. I have had the chance to hang out with her and she is such a sweetie =D

  3. Well I admit I don’t know the answer but as its posted right above this comment and all I have to do is copy then the answer is People for the Ethical Treatment of Yard-gnomes. I hope thats right as that is the only comment with this one.I love Dakota’s writing and pretty sparklies and reading so I hope I win!!

  4. Love you Dakota!!! Just dropping by to say hi!!! People for the Ethical Treatment of Yellow sounds good for the answer, but I’m gonna ask you anyway!! hehe

  5. Yay! I love Dakota Cassidy trivia, lol. And, of course, her books rock 🙂 I’m going to guess that P.E.T.Y. would stand for People for the Ethical Treatment of Yellow. And just one more thing, I have to agree with Dakota on this one. Yellow Sucks!
    Colleen Conover 🙂

  6. I have to say LURVE y’all……:0) As for the P.E.T.Y…..I’d say its already been guessed….LOL

  7. Okay, since you said PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Yellow. What’s wrong with yellow? Now I did see a woman wearing a day-glow Orange coat. That was a site best seen with dark glasses. I hope she worked for the traffic dept!

    Thanks for the contest and the laughs!!!

  8. Well, since I already own the book would it be unethical to enter the contest?? I really really want to get a chance at that Kindle, tho! I’ll be back tomorrow with an answer to the above (my copy is at home)!

  9. Well I have to go with the majority here PETY stands for People of the Ethical Treatment of Yellow. I love Dakota and she’s usually right on a lot of things.

    However in this case I don’t think yellow is that bad of a color especially it depends on the shade. I happen to look great in yellow. Merry Christmas to you and Dakota.

    Teresa K.
    tcwgrlup41(at)yahoo dot com

  10. Duh, I got food poisoning for my b’day so I’m brain dramaged! People for the ethical treatment of animals! My DIL is vegan, so dolt, I should know this! LOL

  11. I’ve seen the covers for Dakota Cassidy’s books and they are so pretty! First time I learned yours and Dakota’s version of PETY which according to majority is People for the Ethical Treatment of Yellow. Lol 🙂

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