On the 7th Day of Christmas, Sable Hunter came for a visit.

On the Seventh day of Christmas Sable Hunter came to visit. She brought with her the latest of her releases from Secret Cravings.  It is about a woman whom takes matters in to her own hands and makes her soul mate with a little magic. Damn if I only had that power. .. *le sigh* Sable is a hoot and I find her books intense and I think she is as crazy as I am.

Sweet Evangeline

Moon Magik  Book 2

By Sable Hunter

Evangeline is magical. She longs to find her soul mate – and being a woman of power – she whips up a spell and conjures him up.EricMcCallisteris anAustinTexasfirefighter. In addition, the beautiful woman who sculpted his likeness from a dream enchants him. Immediately, their attraction and chemistry burns like a wildfire. However, not all is a fairy-tale. An arsonist is stalkingEricand someone is trying to kill Evangeline. On top of that, there is magic afoot that can call down storms, bring the dead back to life and break ancient curses. In the end, the greatest magic of all is the loveErichas for Sweet Evangeline.



Comment to be entered to get a free copy of A Wishing Moon the first of the Moon Magik Series by Sable Hunter.  Just answer this question “If you had the power, would you create your soul mate or find him or her the hard way?”


5 thoughts on “On the 7th Day of Christmas, Sable Hunter came for a visit.

  1. While I love the idea of creating a soul mate in the end I probably wouldn’t be satisfied. Some conflict, differences and even surprises is a healthy which is possible when I find him. I believe finding him the hard way would make me happier.

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