Twas the Last effin day of Xmas wanna win a Kindle eReader?

Twas the Last effin day of Xmas wanna win a Kindle eReader?

If you wanna win a Kindle or a $75 GC from Amazon please read the short story below and find all the book titles in it. Only Correct ones will be entered for the drawing for the Kindle.

Can’t figure out the titles? Then go and comment on ALL of the 12 Days of Christmas Posts to entered that way also. Once you do, send an email of either or both methods to me at Rayna @ naughtyeditionreviews .com (remove the spaces). You can enter using both methods of entrys always pays to have a back up.

And because I am so very generous, 5 more entries will be picked to receive random books from me. First person 5 books, fourth person 4 books, etc…

Deadline January 10 at midnight EST. Join our newsletter or feed to keep up on the winners and future events.

Have fun I know I did writing it. **Hint: All these titles are Romance genre and mostly paranormal.***


Under the Mistletoe

by Kiki Stiletto


Twas a Silent Night, Haunted Night this Christmas eve. A Christmas Ball was underway at Guilty Pleasures, an otherworld nightclub. Red Garters, Snow and Mistletoe, were hung as ornaments and centerpieces around the room. Otherkind were dancing and laughing oblivious to others whom are not, too much fun to be had this time of year, good will toward men and all that. *sigh* Anyone, no matter if they are human or not, can get Hot for the Holidays once they have an eggnog or two. However, I can’t I am working tonight.

My name isCharlotte, Lettie to my friends, of which are very few. I own a unique events company called A Breath of Magic: When your event requires just the right touch of magic! Lame I know, but a witch like me only has so few marketable real world talents. Plus, it lets the Otherkind know we also cater to their events.

“Ms.Charlotte, we are all done in the back and we are ready for you,” growled a voice in my ear. That voice belongs to my right hand man, Gideon. Werewolf, cater and 5 star Chef and he hated Christmas. Rather be out eating someone, I guess. I never really asked him how he dealt with his stress after work. Maybe before long I should give him a vacation.

“Thank you Gideon, I am on my way” as I turned to move to the kitchen I walked right in to a great smelling brick wall.

“Mmm, what do I have here, This Year’s Christmas Present?” said an amused voice.

Oh Hell. Dimitri.  He’s the Sexiest Man Alive or dead for that matter, and I have been secretly in love with this man for-EVER.

Dear Santa,

All I Want For Christmas Is A Vampire, can you give him to me?




If I had ever sent a letter to Santa, it would read like that for the last 5 years.

“Hello Dimitri, fancy meeting you here.” Trying to sound professional and adding a little slut to it was a fine art, I tell you.

“Actually, I am here for you. Kiss me and I will tell you why.” I think my mouth gaped open and somewhere a choir sang “Hallelujah!” Then he pointed up at the mistletoe.

“Ah! Okay.” I tried to keep my voice even and not so eager. Hell, who was I kidding. I wanted this man with a passion that rivaled chocolate. I pulled his jacket lapels toward me so I could reach his let-me-lick-you lips, and gave him all my years of sexual frustration and need in one kiss. A girl can never know if she will get it again, so I needed to make this one a showstopper.

I can’t remember what really happened after that kiss. Let’s just say it was the beginning of a long relationship. But, I can say that night held No Greater Pleasure for me than to be with him, AKA The Vampire Dimitri AKA Sexiest Man Alive AKA Devil Without a Cause, my vampire.

Thank You Santa, you rock.


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  1. This is very creative 🙂 Rayna, I tried posting comments for some of the 12 Days of Christmas posts but there’s no comment box? Some posts have them and others don’t. I’m not sure what the issue is but I’m going to keep checking though and hope it works later 🙂

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