Review: La Playita by Gavin Atlas

La Playita

by Gavin Atlas


Sex: 4

Plot: 3

Overall enjoyment: 3

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Jamie, a college senior from Pennsylvania, is nursing the wounds of a broken relationship.  Alone on the beautiful beaches of Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica for spring break, shy Jamie spends his time writing his wildest fantasies in his journal.  But Jamie is a handsome and muscular young man, and when a mischievous Costa Rican waiter discovers Jamie’s deepest desires, the fantasies could become reality.  But can Jamie overcome his inhibitions and surrender his body on La Playita?

I have to say, this one was almost a DNF (did not finish,)I was getting a little tired of Jamie’s protesting he is not ready. Especially, when we all know he so wanted Luis and his cousin, Rudiger. We also know that Jamie had a recent break up and that can leave anyone pretty depressed, but it doesn’t kill your sexual instincts. If anything I would think a major break up would make you go out there and make you self feel sexy and desirable.
And with some help from Luis and Rudiger, Jamie got his groove back. And he did it with a bang or three. He even got an extra helping from a dark stranger. I am not sure what the significance of the unknown stranger was at the end. I will have to go back and look carefully at the types of stories Jamie was reading or writing and possibly find a connection.
Either way Gavin Atlas did a very sexy job on this short story. I wonder will we hear anymore from Jamie.



Review: The Jaquar Prince by Karen Kelley

The Jaquar Prince

by Karen Kelley

Sex: 5

Plot: 4

Overall enjoyment: 4

*May contain spoilers*

Callie thought she was an ordinary woman with a very dull life. No relationships to speak of and her sex life can be legally declared dead in several states. So all was normal until the day she found a naked man standing in her zoo. She then saw that same naked man in her bed. Can her life get any weirder? Yes! What Rodgur has to tell her about her family and her life other than this one, is nothing short of out of this world.

Now that Rodgur has found her he must deal with the threat of Zero, a rogue seperatist from his world. Zero is hell-bent on killing those like Callie, half-breed sympaths. In the midst of this deadly game of hide and seek, she and Rodgur play, Callie falls hard for her protector.

I thought this was a refreshing change from the normal shifter-type romance I usually get. Not a huge amount of unnessecary sex. Ha! I know right, moi say “unnecessary sex” I know. The world is coming to an end. But I firmly believe that sex in any book needs to have a purpose. Whether it changes the relationship or the story, something changes.

Anyhow, I liked it. Ms. Kelley did a good job adding some comedy or snarkiness (depends on who you talk to).I would recommend this book because it was good not great but good. Sex scenes were very hot and added to the story. Plot well it was a little thin. Not much information to go on. But I think the author was only revealing as much as the characters actually knew. But overall, it was an entertaining read.  If she writes more about these characters I would add it to my wish list.

Review: Hope’s Kiss by Angela Knight

Hope’s Kiss

By Angela Knight

Red Sage Publishing

Sex: 5

Plot: 5

Overall enjoyment: 5

I bought this book on a whim, and I am glad I did. Lately, I have been in a reading slump, I was getting tired of reading the same thing repeatedly. Girl meets boy, boy is her destined mate… blah blah blah. Same shit different author. I just wanted a real love story with a little vampire thrown in. With Angela, I knew I would get some of that, I just wasn’t sure of how much or to what extreme. The first thing that captured my attention was the opening sentence; “He was naked, covered in blood, and lying in the floor of a steel cage.” If that is not the sexiest opening sentence, I don’t know what is.

Hope’s Kiss is about a relationship gone wrong with all the best of intentions. Hope left Mark to be a cop in the big city and Mark picked up his broken heart to search for IED’s in the gulf war. Both loved each other very much and after ten years, they are still sacrificing for the other.

This is a story of a second chance at your first love, even if he has become a bloodthirsty vampire.  In the end love conquers all and evil parishes in a car bomb.

I liked this story because it didn’t proclaim that destiny says, “I have to love you and you’re my mate.” *Insert bitching tangent here* I really am getting tired of that crap. Why can’t a couple stay together because they love each other and not because they will die if they don’t. Why do all the paranormal novels go this way now? Because of two people, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Christine Feehan, that is why. I loved these ladies in the beginning, but I got tired of the “must find mate or die” syndrome.  Now we see this in at least 75% of paranormal romance. Can’t you people (authors) just let these men and women of the otherkind just love someone. And keep that love on their own merit. Not some metaphysical stuff. *le Sigh (exit tangent)*

It’s a good thing that the words life and mate didn’t come up at all in this novella. I say that because if it did I would have stopped reading immediately. I like that fact that Mark and Hope are together because of their own love, not a predestined match. I like that they solved their own problems and didn’t need supernatural outside help. I like that even with Mark being a vampire he still seemed down to earth, as much as a newly turned vampire can be, right.

I recommend, Hope’s Kiss to those that need a little break from the never-ending search for “life-mates”. It’s a quick read of about 68 pages.AngelaKnight’s writing makes you want to like the characters puts you right there with them, and you long to be there for them in the end, however it may turn out. I hope she writes more stories like this one.

Review: One Naughty Girl by Alexx Andria

One Naughty Girl

by Alexx Andria

Sex: 2.5

Plot: 2

Overall Enjoyment: 3

Landry James, a bored housewife, seems like a strong woman who knows hat she wants. Yes, she may be cockcolding her husband but she loves him. Plus this seems like a way to keep her from going crazy and killing said boring Joe.

This was a very short read, only about 6000 words. It was free on Amazon. So I thought, “What the hell, it’s a free book.” So I got it, read it, and like it. Not loved it but liked it. The regular price of this book is a little steep for a short story.

The dialog is rather corny and stiff and seems to be a tad racist at times. I think the author may want to think about whom their readers are and try to be more realistic with the language they choose to use.  I had to re-read that part about the “black buck”, I almost did a DNF. I kept going and finished it and read it again. I try not to make my personal beliefs part of my reading these days. I have found my perceptions of some things are not true but slightly discriminating also. What’s the old saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover?”

I hope this author takes in to account the reviews he/she is getting and will strive to make the writing more appropriate and entertaining.  I am giving them the benefit of the doubt and will only recommend this book with caution and only if its still free.


Blog Hop: Naughty After Dark Feb. 15-22

Welcome to the first ever Naughty After Dark Blog Hop hosted by the lovely and talented Natasha Blackthorne!! All of us naughty gals have linked up to bring you some yummy treats that will tickle…well some part of your fancy. LOL!! So what can you win here? I am giving away a copy of Switch by Megan Hart and the anthology, Naughty Bits signed by Eden Bradley. And don’t forget I have several other giveaways going on.


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Last Minute Giveaway: MaryJanice Davidson’s Underwater Love

Underwater Love

by MaryJanice Davidson

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 9780425247198

a three book compilation of the popular Fred the Mermaid series includes these books:

Sleeping with the Fishes 

Fred is a mermaid. But she’s not blonde, or buxom, or even perky. In fact, she can be downright cranky-especially when weird levels of toxins are found in the local seawater. There is one perk: Thomas, the gorgeous marine biologist helping in the investigation. If you thought it would be easy for a mermaid to get to the bottom of things, think again.

Swimming Without a Net 

To visit the undersea realm of Artur, the High Prince, and her royal merfamily, Fred’s brought along Thomas to explore where no “lander” has gone before. But Fred is soon caught between two factions of merfolk: those happy with swimming under the radar-and those who want to bring their existence to the surface…

Fish Out of Water 

The existence of the Undersea Folk is no longer a secret, and someone needs to keep them all from floundering in the media spotlight. Fred and Artur have all the right skills for the job, if not for staving off an impending civil war. But all the while, Fred has something else on her mind: the sexy human landlubber she left behind…

We are giving away two copies of this books for Valentines Day in addition to all the other contests and blog hops going on. Yeah I know we are a little bit crazy. But hey you have to be to read hundreds of books, blab about them and expect people to respect you in the morning. So to sweeten the blow and to help out a dear friend Lets give away some books!!!!



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With Love Valentines Day Blog Hop Feb 11-14

Well I did a bad thing. I thought I only signed up for one Valentine’s Day blog hop but instead I signed up for TWO. *note to self: learn to write stuff down head hits desk.*

So any ways there are two blog hop we are participating in right now. That means there are over 400 chances for you to win something. I like those odds.

This blog hop is hosted by Drea Becraft @ The Blog Hop Spot.

So here’s how the hop goes each of the participating author below is going to run a contest on their blog for the readers to enjoy! So make sure you stop by all the stops on the hop. I know you won’t be disappointed!

Contest starts February 11, 2012 and ends February 14, 2012 at midnight.

My contest is really easy. Tell me who your fantasy (character from a novel or movie) Valentine will be this year. Let us know the name and movie or book they came from.

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Blog Hop: Love is in the Air Blog Hop Feb 7-14

Hosted by Under the Covers book blog

Blog hop runs from 12:01 AM February 7th through to 11:59 PM February 14th, 2012.

We are giving away one copy of  the anthologies, My Zombie Valentine and Laced with Desire (signed) and a 1 (one) pound chocolate bar. Open to US residents only please.

Review: Alien Revealed by Lilly Cain

Alien Revealed

by Lilly Cain

Sex: 3

Plot: 4

Overall Enjoyment:3


Inarrii agent Alinna Gaerrii was tasked with observing the Starforce base on Earth. Crash landing her observation pod onto the base was not part of her mission briefing. Neither was making m’ittar-mind contact-with Major David Brown, the human who discovered her amongst the wreckage.

David thinks she’s a psychologist sent to evaluate his Special Forces team, and Alinna goes along with his misconception, seizing the opportunity to observe humans up close. But their daily contact has unexpected side effects, and Alinna soon invades David’s dreams. Through their intimate mental connection she allows him to express his forbidden physical desires.

Alinna delights in the sensory exploration and grows excited by the prospect of a treaty with the humans and a potential life mate in David. But an attack from an unknown ship sends the base into chaos, and Alinna may be forced to reveal her lie, erasing all hope of a successful treaty, and driving David away forever…


Lilly Cain did a wonderful job with the concept and execution of this story. I thought it was a like Cocoon meets Men in Black, with combat boots plus a generous helping of the sexy Sharon Stone. Alien Revealed was just a very sexy and lustful read.

I recommend reading this and her others as well.

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