Review: The Jaquar Prince by Karen Kelley

The Jaquar Prince

by Karen Kelley

Sex: 5

Plot: 4

Overall enjoyment: 4

*May contain spoilers*

Callie thought she was an ordinary woman with a very dull life. No relationships to speak of and her sex life can be legally declared dead in several states. So all was normal until the day she found a naked man standing in her zoo. She then saw that same naked man in her bed. Can her life get any weirder? Yes! What Rodgur has to tell her about her family and her life other than this one, is nothing short of out of this world.

Now that Rodgur has found her he must deal with the threat of Zero, a rogue seperatist from his world. Zero is hell-bent on killing those like Callie, half-breed sympaths. In the midst of this deadly game of hide and seek, she and Rodgur play, Callie falls hard for her protector.

I thought this was a refreshing change from the normal shifter-type romance I usually get. Not a huge amount of unnessecary sex. Ha! I know right, moi say “unnecessary sex” I know. The world is coming to an end. But I firmly believe that sex in any book needs to have a purpose. Whether it changes the relationship or the story, something changes.

Anyhow, I liked it. Ms. Kelley did a good job adding some comedy or snarkiness (depends on who you talk to).I would recommend this book because it was good not great but good. Sex scenes were very hot and added to the story. Plot well it was a little thin. Not much information to go on. But I think the author was only revealing as much as the characters actually knew. But overall, it was an entertaining read.  If she writes more about these characters I would add it to my wish list.


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