Review: Hart and Souls by Bethany Michaels

Hart to Souls

by Bethany Michaels

Whispers Publishing

Sex: 5

Plot: 5

Overall Enjoyment: 5


Terminal loner Jordan Hart sees dead people…and helps them cross to the other side. But when she meets hunky spirit Tom and takes him home with her, Jordan begins to think she’s finally met a man worth keeping.

Too bad he’s already dead.

Jordan has never had a lover like Tom, but knowing their steamy nights can’t last forever, Jordan tires to help Tom discover his true identity so he can cross over. Letting the one person who truly understands her will be the hardest decision of her life and she can’t help but wonder if true love can overcome even death.


I thought the story was cute, well thought out and to the point, although I did figure out the plot pretty quickly. The humor in it was nice and it didn’t seem like she tried to hard. I really enjoyed that Ms. Michaels didn’t make her heroine play hard to get, because who would play hard to get with a hot ghost and no repercussions? I will appoint the sex scenes a 5, because they were scorching hot without being vulgar. This is a very nice little story to read if you only have a couple of minutes and need a pick me up. I would most definitively recommend it to my friends.


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