Review: The Probation by Lily Mia

The Probation

By Lily Mia

Erotic Short Story

Overall enjoyment: 4

Sex: 4

Sam is an aspiring recruitment agent working for a small firm in London. She is a young professional, articulate, confident, and very attractive. Her aim is to get some experience under her belt and move on to a bigger firm. Little does she know that she is likely to get more than she bargained for, under her belt and in other areas that have nothing to do with business!
Having fallen behind on her targets and with time running out Sam has to face her probation…

Having been a professional in an industrial and office setting, I have loads of work type fantasies. Some of these are even romantic, others not so much (involves the death of a much hated co-worker, body never to be found).   The Probation has to embody one of my favorite work place fantasies.

Would you have sex with your boss if you job depended on it? Well, let us just say yes he is hot, yes, he is married, and he isn’t looking to make a relationship out of this brief interlude. It will be business as usual and no one will EVER know. Interested now? Well Sam decided to take the chance. And Tom, her boss, didn’t disappoint her either.

I liked the story; I wish there could have been just a little more emotional draw between the two characters. Lust can still be an explosive tool. I believe a person can still have awesome sex without the commitment that comes after.


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