Events: Toledo Pride 2012

Toledo Pride Annual Festival 2012

Attention: Authors, publicist and publishers! Need to get your name out there in the hands of thousands of people.

Toledo Pride Festival is upon us again this year on August 10-12. In addition, this year (Naughty Edition Reviews) and J’s Book Shelf (Sylvania, Ohio) have teamed up to get a booth and spread some promo love, raise some money and have some fun.

The Pride of Toledo Foundation, established in 2011 as the primary host of Toledo Pride, the annual celebration, supports our community, area events, organizations, programs and businesses that support the LGBTQA community. (

Toledo Pride Festival is an annual area celebration of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning and allied (LGBTQA) community. Last year there were about 5000 patrons and this year we are expecting for more. For more information about the foundation, see the website, . (

We are hoping that with generous promo donations that we will be able to fill at least 1000 baggies and about 10 giveaway baskets. Saturday is primarily for adults (18+) but Sunday is family fun day and there will be tons of kids, so any YA are welcomed.

What kinds of promo do you need?

Any promo material needs to consist of mostly LGBT, but not necessary because there will also be a family fun day. Those items for that day will need to be YA appropriate.


As for the type of items, I would like them to be smaller than a book flat if possible. However, I do not think we could fit them into the bags comfortably.

The bags will be die cut handle plastic bags, red with black writing; size 12×15; quantities of 500 per case (2 cases).  It can be anything from the wild and untamed (scented condoms, glow sticks, penis shaped lollipops) to the tame (bookmarks, postcards, stickers, or candy).

What is the minimum number of items to donate?

To make mailing them worth your time and money, I would suggest at least a couple of hundred (paper promo, like bookmarks, postcards, cards, etc). We also hope to raffle off ten gift baskets during those two days. There plan to be six baskets for adults and four (kid-friendly) baskets for the family day. Therefore, if you have a smaller number of items we can add them to the raffle baskets.

If you want to send something specifically for the ten gift baskets let me know. Ultimately, it is going to be up to you what you are willing to add. If you want to send your own gift basket, that too is very okay. The less work I have to do the better; Work smarter, not harder! Right?

When do should we have the items to you?

I would like them at least by August 6, 2012. That should give my minions and me plenty of time to bag them.

Our main goal is to pimp and be pimped. I know not many authors can afford to travel and get themselves out there so I like to think of this is my one good deed for the year.

I believe this is a great promotional venue for new authors, established authors, and publishing houses. Furthermore, anyone that wants to help raise money for a great foundation will be welcomed.

If you or someone you know might be interested please email me at (minus the spaces).

Thank you for helping our community,


Rayna Scherer

Owner of Naughty Edition Reviews and Books

Online Media Manager for J’s Book Shelf



Disclaimer: NER.Com and J’s Book Shelf, are in the business of books and promoting books. We are not the organization, Pride of Toledo Foundation. We do not represent them in any way. We do like to do our part in the community we live in and this is the focus of this promotion drive. Any monetary donations will go to Toledo Pride, directly after the event. 



Review: Hel Hath no Fury by K.C. Sehlhorst

Hel Hath No Fury

By K.C. Sehlhorst

Ellora’s Cave Publishing

Paranormal Romance

Sex: 4

Plot: 4

Overall Enjoyment: 4

For some, the worst enemy one can have is family. Make it a family of gods and the results aren’t just deadly, but biblical. Hel, the Norse underworld goddess, has that kind of family. Odin, her uncle, cursed her into their underworld then Loki, her father, took it over, making her the one thing all gods fear—human. There was one, though, who was willing to help her, only one. A god from another pantheon, one who could be just as evil as her father, the same one who had been trying to seduce her for thousands of years—Lucifer.

He is what he is and offers no apologies for it. Hel changed the rules though. Fighting humans and backstabbing gods sounded like a good time. It also helped him get what he wanted. Something he would do anything to get. Anything. What he wanted was Hel. What he didn’t expect was the possibility of losing his soul to her in the process.


It was a hard sell to to picture Lucifer as a “good guy” but it can be done and Ms. Sehlhorst does it well. Okay maybe Lucifer is goodish, if not selfish and out to get his, for this purpose, “good” is as good a term as any other. Besides, the bad guys need loving too. Hel may not want it but she needs his love together domain back. When the Lord and Lady of Hell get together, there has to be a party.

I really liked this book. It was different from the normal vampire, shifter, were-animal demon zombie book I usually read. I recommend it with a gleeful smile on my face that says I don’t share buy your own damn copy, mines signed.


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