Review blog closing..or not.

Well I have been informed under no conditions should I stop blogging.  So I have decided I could still do a review or two. But it will be few and far between and most will be posted to Amazon and Goodreads.

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My current project, writing the Great American Novel, takes a huge chunk of my time. So, I decided to blog about my frustrations and my visits to insanity.



*Head hits desk*

So lately I have been thinking about my outline for my first novel. I have changed the characters so many times it seems like I will never get it right. As I outlined the idea of a plot my brain continually asked me “what’s next?” Well I have an idea of where I want my characters to end up, but not necessarily how they get there. I was told that is “Plot” not “Story”. WTH!! I thought plot is the story? Nope. Plot drives a story and a story also has the reader asking “What happened next?”

So, now I have to soften my plot with a story line. So to make a long story short; I learned a story is a chronicle of events, while a plot is the ‘why’ of a story.

*head hits desk* I will never get this darn thing done.

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