Review: Two Moons Rising by Judi Phillips

Two-Moons-RisingTwo Moons Rising

by Judi Phillips

Science Fiction Romance; Time/Space Travel Romance; Paranormal Romance

Plot: 3

Sex: 3

Overall Enjoyment: 4

Zoe Wilkinson is one of the top secret service agents in the country, assigned to guard the First Lady. On a brief vacation on Bermuda, she finds a large moonstone globe and, while holding it up to look at it, is transported through time and space to the planet of Lunalayah. She knows the dangers involved in becoming emotionally involved with someone she is protecting and has vowed never to let that happen. Prince Tarique cel Sahar yon Kebali and his followers have gone into voluntary exile on an island on Lunalayah. The A’dacians are attempting to coerce Tarique’s people into a contract to mine trianthious crystals. Tarique is fighting to thwart this plan. The reason for exile was because of his father’s dalliances, and Tarique has pledged he will not follow in his father’s footsteps. Despite landing in the middle of this conflict, can Zoe overcome a wary heart to convince Tarique he is more than his father’s son. …read excerpt


Zoe gets sucked into a vortex/water sprout to a different world when she finds a moonstone at the bottom of the ocean, while vacationing. And who gets to find her? No one other than the hot and very available Prince Tarique. Within hours of them meeting some one tries to kill the prince. Lucky for him Zoe is a secret service agent whom is very good at her job.

Tarique does not know what to really make of her.  She is a strong woman who can take care of him and others. He admires that, but not quiet respects her foresight or instincts. Just because she is right all the time and a woman, I think may go against his male judgement.

These two characters can’t be anymore different than night and day. The culture clash made me want to slap a bitch (Tarique) at moments, others I wanted to just scream “in yo face man!” but I didn’t I am a professional. Buhaha who am I kidding. I like a good male bashing like the next woman. But Judi didn’t go that route. I actually respect the fact that she didn’t add to the long list of male faults by poking fun at the prince. I think that a person in his position may not take to kindly to that kind of ribbing.

Also I thought the characters evolution in to a long lasting love was believable and nicely done. The cast of supporting characters is good too.

The sex was sensual not explicit like some of my other reads.

The plot was believable and predictable too.

Overall I have to say this was an enjoyable read, maybe not the classic keep forever novel but it was a good escape from my family for a bit.






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