Review: Expecting the Playboy’s Baby by Sam Crescent

etpb__07076.1364510070.300.450Expecting the Playboy’s Baby

by Sam Crescent

May/December Erotic Romance

ISBN:  978-1-77130-346-0

Buy Link:

Publisher’s Website:

 Sex: 2

Plot: 2

Overall Enjoyment:2


Jennifer Dixon never expected to meet Patrick Thompson let alone get pregnant with his baby. One night of passion together should never have had consequences, but it did.

Patrick never forgot the woman who saw beneath the playboy exterior. When he discovers his mystery woman is pregnant with his child, he sets out to woo her. He wanted her then and he intends to keep her now.

However, outsiders are determined to break them apart. One night, Patrick storms out leaving Jennifer broken-hearted. In that one moment their lives are changed forever.

Only when it’s too late does Patrick realize what really matters to him. Can he win back Jennifer’s love when everything is set against it.


This was a decent book at best. It was predictable very unrealistic, I couldn’t even imagine that happening and dialogue was cheesy. Why would a woman life has been run by her family suddenly grow a backbone. However, she may have grown a backbone against her family but she never grew one against the man she supposed to love. He treats her like a servant. Patrick comes across as an arrogant self-serving bastard. I would never fall in love with this person; I don’t even want to talk to this person, let alone have him be the father of my child.


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