Tired of finding crap books on Amazon?

bookreadingI have to tell you so am I. Yes I run an on again and off again review spot. But since, the book that shall never be named, became overly popular it is hard to find quality reads. My guess is that every housewife and generation Twilighters feel they can write their dreams too.

Amazon has been bombarded with serial books and people are now complaining about the length of a novel.

General practice says what type of book for what ever length.

Short Stories <7,500 words

Novellas 7,500 <30,000 words

Novels 30,000<100,000 words

super novels 100,000+ words

Over on Selena Kitts Blog she talks about great ways to spot a good read. So you won’t be duped in to buying crappy books on the site that shall not be named again. here is the link or you can click on Selena’s link above. http://selenakitt.com/blog/index.php/2013/05/13/survival-tips-for-the-pornocalypse-2-erotica-readers-unite/


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