#PrideBlogfest: Viki Lyn & eBook Giveaway

LGBT Pride BlogFest  30 days of Giveaways

#PrideBlogfest Welcomes Viki Lyn!


To celebrate – She is giving away a copy of For The Bite Of It – her vampire series written with author Vina Grey. Go to her blog and leave a comment to enter to win.

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For the Bite of It

by Viki Lyn and Vina Grey

Vincent Esposito is an exiled vampire running a cupcake bakery in Arizona. When a car with a dead driver crashes through the wall of his shop, it also brings All-American, closeted cop, John Reeder into his life. Smitten the instant he sees John, Vincent must battle his attraction to the sexy detective. Bound to silence by the Vampire Council, he can never reveal his true self to John.

John Reeder cannot control his attraction to the sexy Italian baker. But as addictive as the sex is, can John overcome his fear of rejection for being gay and open his heart to a man with so many secrets?

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2 thoughts on “#PrideBlogfest: Viki Lyn & eBook Giveaway

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  1. The stories are good and there is built in conflict because of how m/m or f/f relationships are viewed within the society. I have a sister who is lesbian and brother who is transgendered and these stories help me to understand better their viewpoints without getting arguments or misunderstandings.

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