Review: Eden’s Sin by Jennifer Jakes

JenniferJakes_EdensSinEden’s Sin

by Jennifer Jakes


A man with a bitter past…….
After the Civil War, Major Sinclair Bradford fled West to escape the pain of battle and the shame of a failed marriage. Haunted by betrayal and lies, he trusts no one—especially women. The last thing he needs is the lure of a dark haired brothel madam. Not only is she beautiful enough to tempt the devil, she’s deceitful enough to shred what’s left of Sinclair’s heart. But when she asks for his help to investigate the attack of a young girl, he can’t say no to her—nor the aching desire she stirs in him.

A woman with no future…
Eden Gabrielli lives by three rules: Never trust the wealthy, do whatever it takes to survive, and never again believe a decent man could love a whore. After being stabbed and left for dead, she must lie to keep her secrets and protect her sister from a life of prostitution—even if that means deceiving the handsome and determined Major Bradford, the one man who tempts her to break her rules. She might need his help, but she craves his touch, which makes him a dangerous ally. Because if the truth is revealed, more than her rules could be broken…


I must admit that while I am a fan of historical romances, I’ve never been a fan of Western Romances. I was a bit apprehensive when I started reading this book, so I set the bar a bit low as to not be disappointed. (Sorry, but I like to manage my expectations.) Well, what do you know, I actually enjoyed this one!

Eden is the hard-edged Madame at the local brothel who, years ago, was left for dead by the wealthy man she loved. After experiencing such a horrific and tragic event, Eden learned to do whatever it takes to survive and protect those she loves, no matter the cost, and to trust no one. When a young girl is raped, Eden’s repeated requests for justice fall upon deaf ears. Until, Major Sinclair Bradford and his military regime ride into town. Knowing that Major Bradford may be her
last hope, Eden pleads for Major Bradford to help bring to justice the man who raped her friend.

Major Sinclair Bradford is a broken man – broken by the deepest of betrayals. In a desperate attempt to leave his heartache behind and to try to start his life anew, Sinclair leaves his wealthy life in the North East and heads to a remote military outpost in the West to investigate a rash of railroad robberies. The last thing he’s expecting is to fall for a women who has trust issues as deep as his own and with who has a secret that threatens to destroy everything between them.

“When are you going to stop trying to push me away? Because I’m not leaving.”
“Why?” Tears filled her eyes, her throat nearly closing with the ache to cry. “Why do you care about me?”
He blinked. Then stared at her, searching, his gaze devouring. “I don’t know. I just do. And I can’t stop.”

On my hotness scale of 1-5, I give it the following:
Plot: 3 – While the story of a prostitute being saved by the white knight on a horse may not be an original storyline, this one was well written and entertaining.
Sex: 4 – There were only 1-2 sex scenes, but if there were more I suppose this book would have been straight up porn. The build up really had me reeling for them to hurry up and get busy. I thoroughly enjoyed the passion and the angst that left me with the feeling of butterflies in my stomach.
Overall: 4 – This book was more than just a generic romance novel. It was full of romance, passion etc., but the mystery kept me guessing till the end. I am quite surprised by how much of a good story Ms. Jakes could put into 139 pages.

If you are a fan of historical western romances, I know you will enjoy this one as much as I did. The historical western genre has just gained a new fan. Thank you, Jennifer Jakes.


Publisher Review: Evernight Publishing

Evernight Publishing

Erotic Romance and Mainstream Romance

Publisher Rating:

Free Reads: 5 They have 25 current free reads. I like the fact that “Free Reads” is the first category you see on the left side. I hate it when I have to search through all the genres or all the products to find the free reads.

Social Networks: 5 Evernight Publishing has been very good to reviewers and readers. They are in constant communications with their social network. The blog is updated a few times a month. Facebook is posted to frequently, offering discounts and new release updates. The readers group is a cornucopia of information from their authors giving away book, having contests , and interviews on reviewer blogs. Have not seen a Pinterest page yet, however the authors have most of the books covered. I did a search and found lots of covers pinned.

Website: 5 Evernight Publishing’s website is very easy to navigate. The rule of three clicks or less to where I want to go, is used pretty well here. I never have a problem looking for anything. If I need to contact someone, the contact page has whom I need to talk to. I also want to point out I really like the covers for the books. They look professional and not like a color by number page and the prices are very reasonable.

My overall experience with Evernight Publishing is a 5. I highly recommend them to any reader, for LGBT, sweet romance, or the spicier stuff.


Free Reads here

Evernight’s Blog


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Publisher Review: Turquoise Morning Press

Turquoise Morning Press  is a small, international publishing house that offers both digital/ebook formats and trade paperback print books. They publish heavily in the romance genre but have numerous books in other genres.

Retailers include:

Amazon All Romance eBooks Barnes and Noble Smashwords  Apple/iBooks Diesel eBooks  OmniLit Bookstrand

Publisher Review

Free reads: 1 No free reads. Mostly likely they are on the author’s own websites. It is hard to get to know a publisher and what kind of product they are selling if you can’t at least try one out. I would like to see links to some of the shorts stories if they have them. I think that would get readers to come to their site and stay a while longer.

Social: 4  They have a blog, Facebook page, Twitter profile, and a separate bookstore you can buy books.  No Pinterest page of the published book covers yet (possibility?). Their promotions and coupons are fairly regular.

Website: 3 I found the website difficult to manage. I had to go to a separate page to look at the books. And then the catalog drop down menu was really long, too far down on the screen for readers to scroll without having to start over at the top of the screen. I had expected to find romance sub-genres in the Romance category, but there weren’t any just a jumbled menu. The page was not as refined or well grouped. Perhaps we are very spoiled with other online bookstores. In the future, (in anyone is reading this) I would hope to see alphabetical ordered genre catalog and then a sub-genre breakdown. I think that it would be easier to navigate and find a type of book I want to read. I gave up after to failed attempts to find something.

Overall Experience Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

Overall I would give Turquoise Morning Press a 3 out  5 rating. I know they are a new publisher and I want them to succeed. I feel that this will help them become better at getting the readers to them so we can read their wonderfully written books.





Review: Becoming His Little One by Isabella Olivia Ellis

bhlo__17605.1363043074.300.450Becoming His Little One

by Isabella Olivia Ellis

Romance on the Go Series

Erotic BDSM

Evernight Publishing


Romance on the Go

Carolyn is a plain divorcee living a plain life. Though her sexual experiences have all been vanilla, she is drawn to the submissive aspect of BDSM. In the multi-player online world of Other Existence, she finds an outlet for this. It is there that she meets Dave, an older Air Force lieutenant colonel, who turns out to be her dominant counterpart. After weeks of chats in which they share their deepest desires, the two meet in real life and a match made in BDSM heaven is born.

As their relationship develops, she discovers the tenderness and emotion that complements the lifestyle. There are whips and spreader bars, but also loving massages afterward. When Dave is suddenly torn away from her by his duty to his country, it is up to Carolyn to decide if the love they’ve found is worth the fight to keep it.

Be Warned: BDSM, flogging, spanking, sex toys.


Sex: 3 The scenes were explicit. The phrase “Little One” for me is a big turn off. I could not get beyond this. However, there is other erotica that has been written using this phrase more than I had thought. It may not be common, but it is used. It is still disturbing for me.

Plot: 2 The plot was uncomplicated.

Overall Enjoyment: 2 I could not recommend this book because of the lack of character development and relationship development. If this could be rewritten with the same premise but with more everything, it would be a good book.

For a more in-depth look at my thoughts when I read this book read below. Some are not very nice thoughts, so if you are sensitive to profanity leave now.

I am on chapter 4 and I am irritated by the non-existent dialogue. The phrase little one seems very high on my scale of creepy. Maybe it is because I have children or maybe because it reminds me of purple prose romances, either way the phrase rubbed me wrong. The relationship between the two is non-existent. They talk for a minute over a few sessions; and then she is so in to him she will go to his home and have sex that first night. WHAT THE FUCK! Yeah, not happening in my book, only if she was that desperate maybe and I wanted to killer off. There are plenty of horror stories that start out that way. The official blurb makes it sound like that this is a match made in heaven. I don’t see it. He seems like a jerk wanting to get into her pants and she seems desperate. I keep thinking, “For the love of God woman get a Fucking life and grow a backbone!”

And another thing that annoyed me…wait before I get to far in to my tirade know this. I have seen a large number of crappy erotic romances on Amazon and other big named sites. I want to know who reads these books before they are published. Why are these books being published, even erotica has to be well written. With the sale of ebooks and print books on the decline I would assume that editors would be careful of the books they let pass. Especially if you pay that author and advance, people like Laurell K Hamilton need to not assume just because she is who she is that I am going to buy her book. Many of these new authors need to not just jump straight to publishing. Sometimes self publishing might be the way to go until you get your craft right. But I digress, this little excerpt is published on the author’s page and it’s one of the few spots in the book with actual dialogue. The gray is the original the blue is my “WTF” I have a problem with this part. And my questions and opinions are in bold and ()‘s right after it.

“Understand this, little one. When I snap my fingers, you suck my
cock. When I clap my hands, you lick my balls. Got it?” (WTF! Is she a dog now too?)
Carolyn nodded, aching to begin the tasks assigned to her, but
Dave narrowed his eyes at her.
“You’re already making mistakes. You’re too smart for that,
Carolyn. And I know this because I would never accept any less from
someone I would have as my Little One. You answer any command I
give you with ‘yes sir’. Spoken or non-spoken.” He growled.
“Yes, sir.” She replied, not missing a beat.
He smiled coldly. “That’s better.” With deliberate, yet
impatient moves,(a good Dom will always be patient and caring. He is there for you the sub is in control of the scene. This guy seems like am amateur at best.) Dave unbuttoned the fly of his jeans and pushed
them down his thighs. Then, he gave a sharp clap of his hands.(Arff! Arff!)
“Yes, sir.” Carolyn lowered herself to her knees. Working the
jeans down his thighs, she pushed them far enough down for him to
step out and kick them to the side. His cock was clearly straining
against his navy blue boxer briefs, and she leaned forward to kiss him
through the fabric. She felt him pulsate through the cotton.
Dave let out a lustful hiss, but then pushed her away by her
shoulders.(she didn’t do much of anything by this point and if I was her I would have asked him what his deal was and/or leave right then)
Confused, she looked up at him.
Smiling deviously, he said, “Wait here. Just like that. This fun
can wait for another time. I have something else in mind, and I am too
impatient after talking about it for so long.” (Make up your damn mind, Dude.)

So now I am in Chapter 8 and I have to say He, the Dom, has never used her name but has called her “Little One” 20 times (no exaggeration I counted). He did not even used it when he gave her a piece of  “just because” jewelry, that he said was special. After two meetings he is giving out gold, awesome. I think he must be compensating for something, like the lack of emotions besides lust. **as a side note, most subs have lowercase names, like john or little one, not uppercase. It is another way of showing dominance.**

Now at the end of the book I have to remark on how drastic the emotions change for the main characters. I didn’t feel there was any build up or romance at all. If this was just erotica, then you should add more sex scenes and all it good. But I as a HFN (happy for now) BDSM erotic romance with the long distance relationship as a plot, I felt it was weak and needed more relationship development. Not to mention how he treated her, it didn’t scream love everlasting to me.


Review: Wounded by Jasinda Wilder (Military Erotic Romance)


by Jasinda Wilder


War has taken everything from me. My family. My home. My innocence. In a country blasted by war and wracked by economic hardship, a young orphan girl like me has very few options when it comes to survival. Thus, I do what I must to live, to eat, and I try very hard to not consider the cost to my soul. My heart is empty, and my existence brutal.

The one impossibility in my life is love.

And then I meet HIM.

War is hell. It takes a chunk out of a man’s very soul to do the kinds of things war demands of you. You live with fear, you live with guilt, and you live with nightmares. If you haven’t been through it, there’s no understanding it. War leaves no room for love, no room for tenderness or softness. You gotta be hard, closed off, and ready to fight every moment of every day. Lose focus for a split second, and you’re dead.

Now the only thing that can save me is HER.


Sex: 2 – I just had a hard time feeling it. It might be because I had a hard time believing that after rapes and brutal sexual encounters at such a young age, that without therapy, this woman could so easily give herself to a wounded enemy warrior.

Plot: 5 – Wounded warrior saved by the broken Iraqi heroine. Sounds fabulous!

Overall Enjoyment: 3 – I like the idea of the book more than the actual story. I think that Hunter and Raina’s relationship progressed too fast and that made it unbelievable. However, the book was well written and I did enjoy reading it. It just didn’t live up to the hype or move me the way I had envisioned.

Excerpt: War has taken everything from me. My family. My home. My innocence. In a country blasted by war and wracked by economic hardship, a young orphan girl like me has very few options when it comes to survival. Thus, I do what I must to live, to eat, and I try very hard to not consider the cost to my soul. My heart is empty, and my existence brutal.

I really wanted to love this book. Military romance novels are one of my favorite genres. Sadly, this one fell flat for me. Raina is a beautiful Iraqi girl who has seen her entire family die because of the Gulf War. When she was a young teen, she had to kill an American soldier who shot her brother. Since then, that event has haunted her. Dyeing her brown hair blonde and changing her name to Sabah, Raina puts on a strong front that will help her make it day by day in the miserable life that has become hers.
Enter Hunter Lee, American soldier on another tour of duty after having his heart broken by the woman he loved back in the States. While on a mission, Hunter is seriously wounded, and having already killed one American soldier, Raina rescues him and attempts to bring him back to health in her own home, despite the very grave danger this puts them both in.
While recuperating, Hunter and Raina form a life-changing bond, one that kindred spirits often form since they have both experienced the pain and horrors of war.

“That long-dead blue-eyed man is why this American, Hunter, is in my home. Perhaps if I save him, I will not dream of dying blue eyes any longer. Perhaps I will see the living eyes, Hunters’s eyes.”


Feature Publisher: Hellfire Publishing, INC


Hellfire publishing is a fast growing, independent publisher that operates in the traditional fashion. You’ll find their books at Amazon, Smashwords and other eBook retailers. Their print books are for only for sale on Amazon and Createspace, but quickly popping up in other outlets, as they continue to grow.

Hellfire Publishing was formed by author Dawn Binkley and her husband nearly three years ago and the company has taken on a new partner, printing expert Heather McKay and other silent contributors that all have the belief that an author should always be ‘seen and heard.’
The name Hellfire is derived from the Binkley’s love for Marvels Hellfire Club from X-men comic books. And is also the name of their comic book store.-Taken from their About Us page on the Hellfire Publishing website.

Hellfire Publishing books

Review: A Wild Night’s Encounter by C.J. McLane

A Wild Night’s Encounter

by CJ Mclane



Careful what you do in the dark – someone may be watching!


Beautiful young Laila is dragged to one of those hormone-crazed frat parties by her friend Ashley. When Ashley disappears into the alcohol-induced, half naked throng, Laila is forced to find somewhere to disappear herself.

Laila tries to hide, which would have worked out brilliantly if it did not give her a front row seat to an orgy. The heated atmosphere tempts Laila to privately join in. But by doing so, she puts on a show of her own. And who has a front row seat to her display?

When the handsome yet arrogant daredevil Eric invades her solitude, things go from steamy to downright embarrassing. Could the night get any worse? Will it haunt Laila forever? Eric has a proposition that might change her perspective, but is she willing to accept?



Sex:1 When trying to write erotica I hear the good authors tell me you need to show your audience not tell them. Use all your senses to make the reader want to keep reading. Well that did not happen here. There were to many pages of non-dialogue and telling of a story. I didn’t feel any need or flush, that I normally get when reading erotica. The point of erotica is to titillate. This made me annoyed.

Plot:1 What Plot. The teaser book behind this one had more plot and I don’t read horror or suspense. Yes I know erotica doesn’t have plot sometimes. Its like a porn movies with a script. But sometimes you get one that has both and it rocks. Just not this one.

Overall Enjoyment: 1 No enjoyment what so ever. I think this is a perfect example of what not to do when writing. Use the interactions between character or even the environment to move the story along. I want my 30 minutes back.

Review: Forbidden Forest by Tenaya Jayne

3198605ccd47061a3b08682856821885b67c74fbForbidden Forest
Book One of The Legends of Regia

by Tenaya Jayne

Fantasy Romance??, Urban Fantasy
Free on

Born in shame. Cast from society. Shape Shifter/Elf hybrid, Forest must fight for any respect she can get. Targeted in her youth by a vampire noble who placed an illegal slave mark on her, she is forced to obey him, no matter what.
Slipping the grip of her master and abandoning the prejudice of Regia, her native world, Forest takes a job on Earth, guarding the portal, using her skills as a warrior to enforce Regia’s laws. Now, called home for a black ops mission, Forest must put aside her own prejudice to transport the vampire prince, Syrus, through enemy territory in a time of war.
Prince Syrus, a mage and master of the Blood Kata, wants Forest more than he’s ever wanted anything. In spite of their mutual mistrust, their attraction cannot be denied. Through the danger of their mission, and the secrets they both keep, it doesn’t matter what they feel. Forest is forbidden.


Sex:1 This book is cataloged as a fantasy romance. I feel its more Urban Fantasy than romance. There is an ongoing plot, mystery must be solved, several plot interwoven throughout the main characters and a serious plot twist and cliff hanger. If I have learned anything from reading Karen Marie Moning, is that plots are abound and cliff hangers are a must in UF. I did have a problem with all the sexual tension and frustration but that was before I realized I thought it had to be in the wrong genre.

Plot: 4 Well thought out and planned. NO left over dingle berries as I like to call them. I hate having more information in a book about a person or event that has nothing to do with the storyline. I feel that is useless information and will confuse the reader.

Overall Enjoyment: 4 I enjoyed the plot and premise of the book. I was angry and excited by the time I finished this book. Ms. Jayne knows how leave you wanting more. At the very end, the “Oh Shit!” moment was a pretty nice twist.


Forest Fire Book 2 in The Legends of Regia series available now from Amazon.

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