Feature Publisher: Hellfire Publishing, INC


Hellfire publishing is a fast growing, independent publisher that operates in the traditional fashion. You’ll find their books at Amazon, Smashwords and other eBook retailers. Their print books are for only for sale on Amazon and Createspace, but quickly popping up in other outlets, as they continue to grow.

Hellfire Publishing was formed by author Dawn Binkley and her husband nearly three years ago and the company has taken on a new partner, printing expert Heather McKay and other silent contributors that all have the belief that an author should always be ‘seen and heard.’
The name Hellfire is derived from the Binkley’s love for Marvels Hellfire Club from X-men comic books. And is also the name of their comic book store.-Taken from their About Us page on the Hellfire Publishing website.

Blog: http://hellfireherald.blogspot.com/
Hellfire Publishing books @Amazon.com


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